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While Abroad

Congrats, you made it! Now the real fun begins.

  1. It’s not just a trip.
    Study Abroad is an amazing academic experience. Immerse yourself in your courses, your surroundings, and the local culture. Take advantage of all the opportunities not available to you in Chapel Hill.
  2. Live like a local!
    Take the first few weeks or month on your program to explore your host city inside and out during your free time. Before you know it, it will feel like a home away from home.
  3. Travel responsibly
    Save your travel for longer breaks and holidays when you have time to really engage with a new place. Follow the recommendations in the Heels Abroad Handbook to travel safely, such as: stay in groups, notify someone of your travel plans, and carry a cell phone with local service.
  4. Use your Heels Abroad Handbook
    Your online resources, such as the Heels Abroad Handbook and this website, are available to you throughout your time abroad. Your main point of contact while abroad is likely your program staff on-site, though your Study Abroad Advisor is available for general UNC questions.
  5. Stay in touch!
    Use #HeelsAbroad to share your adventures with us! We love to hear about the amazing things students are doing abroad. Click here for more information.