Students of Diverse Identities

The UNC Study Abroad Office is dedicated to the broader Carolina belief that diversity should be celebrated.

By fostering collaborative relationships with UNC campus partners and international institutions, we seek to explore new ways to create and maintain inclusive study abroad opportunities for students of diverse and underrepresented identities. We also aspire to create inclusive programming that prepares students for the growth and challenges they may experience while studying abroad. Entering new cultural environments, students may find that questions regarding their own personal identify and background become commonplace:

  • While studying abroad, will I be part of the ethnic majority or minority?
  • Is the host culture supportive of my sexual orientation?
  • What is the dominant religious practice in that host country and will I be able to practice my own religion while abroad?

When choosing a study abroad program, it is important that students investigate the attitudes and perceptions of the host culture as these can differ from country to country. To support students in answering some of these questions, we have partnered with the UNC Center for Global Initiatives who has organized identity-based resources that students can utilize before, during, and after they return from studying abroad.

Specific identity-based resources

Diversity Abroad Member institution

Diversity Abroad’s mission is to ensure that students from diverse economic, educational, ethnic and social backgrounds are aware, have equal access and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities afforded through global education exchanges. Review the Diversity and Inclusion Abroad Guide for more information.