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Faculty Program Director Resources

Thank you for providing leadership on a study abroad or study away program.

Emergency Contact

Call UNC Public Safety at +1 919-962-8100, any time, from anywhere in the world.

Call UNC Study Abroad during business hours at +1 919-962-7002.

Incident Report Form

Submit this form to document all incidents.


The resources below are designed to offer guidance and information to Faculty Program Directors of UNC Chapel Hill programs administered through the Study Abroad Office.

You’ll find detailed descriptions of the responsibilities of the Faculty Program Director. As UNC’s primary contact on the program, you serve as students’ main link with the university. It is your responsibility to read and understand the information below, to seek clarification of any material that you do not understand or have concerns about, and to follow the procedures as outlined. Please do not hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Office with questions.

NOTE: To satisfy the new health and safety training requirement, you must complete the Faculty Program Director Health & Safety training in Carolina Talent. The modules are duplicated here so that you may refer back to the content.

Introduction & Faculty Roles

Review your responsibilities as the faculty program director.

UNC Travel Approval Process

Outlines the Travel Approval process.

University Risk Response

Understand the key players in risk response and your reporting requirements.

UNC Legal Matters

Review the legal and compliance requirements while traveling abroad.

GeoBlue Insurance

Learn about the mandatory health insurance provided by GeoBlue.

Student Expectations & Orientation

Discuss the importance of setting expectations and orienting your students for their journey.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Learn how to build an Emergency Action Plan.

Crisis Response Procedures

Understand how to respond to a crisis.

Supporting Students in Distress

Learn about your role and available resources to assist students of concern.


Review communication expectations, FERPA requirements and how to handle media inquiries.

Program Budget & Finances

Learn about the Concur Travel System, T&E Cards, program expense payments, tracking expenditures and more.

Academic Credit

Review credit transfer and other academic issues.