Research Abroad

Use this page to view study abroad programs that offer research experience for academic credit. There are domestic, international, and virtual offerings.

Benefits of Conducting Research Abroad

  • Broaden your network of research connections for future career growth
  • Expand your perspective of research as practiced in different settings globally
  • Access research opportunities that aren’t available on campus, including field studies
  • Develop cross-cultural competence that opens up a wealth of immediate personal and long-term professional opportunities
  • Build new skills and traits that employers seek such as curiosity, flexibility, increased confidence, independence, initiative, and problem-solving

The Basics

Types of Opportunities
  • Programs that fully focus on research
  • Programs that include a research course option
  • Student initiated programs where a student finds a research opportunity for credit to pursue 
Finding Programs & Courses

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Research Abroad Contacts

Study Abroad Advisors: Make an appointment

Office of Undergraduate Research: Bob Pleasants,

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Engaging in research abroad allows students to benefit from two of the most impactful educational experiences simultaneously.  Learning about a new culture and participating in cutting-edge research will also make Carolina students highly competitive in today’s global economy. – Troy Blackburn, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research, College of Arts & Sciences

Scholarship Opportunity

Featured Award: Eleanor Barnes Study Abroad Scholarship

Varies (typically between $500 – $5,000) | Available to College of Arts and Sciences Majors

Students who indicate their interest in Study Abroad Office scholarships when completing their regular program application are considered for over 40 different awards. Check out the scholarships database to learn more about all of the different scholarship funds you may qualify to receive!

Ecuador | Universidad San Francisco De Quito – Galapagos
Kenya | School for Field Studies
North Carolina | UNCIE Highlands
Denmark_Sweden _ DIS Summer
Denmark/Sweden | DIS Summer
Hong Kong _ Chinese University of Hong Kong (Summer Undergraduate Research)
Hong Kong | Chinese University of Hong Kong (Summer Undergraduate Research)
Ireland _ Arcadia University_ Dublin (STEM Summer Research)
Ireland | Arcadia University: Dublin (STEM Summer Research)

Research Programs

There are many more programs with a research component. Check them out to find the best fit.


Meet Emily Pender

Major/Minor: Psychology, B.S. and Economics, B.A. with Medicine, Literature, and Culture Minor
Program & Location: SIT Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights, Kisumu, Kenya
Term: Spring 2019