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Participant Agreement

 As a condition of participation in a program offered or approved by the Study Abroad Office (“Program”) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (“UNC”), please review and confirm the following Study Abroad Participant Agreement (“Agreement”), which details your obligations.REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION IN STUDY ABROADI understand and agree to the following:

  • It is my responsibility to read all materials, complete all forms, and to be familiar with and abide by all policies and requirements for my Program, including those set by my host institution/organization and country.
  • I am required to attend all pre-departure session(s) for my Program.
  • I must be in good academic and disciplinary standing (as defined by UNC) at the time of my Program. If I become ineligible for any reason, I may not be eligible to participate in my Program. I will inform the Study Abroad Office immediately if I become ineligible.
  • I must successfully complete all Program or course prerequisites by the time of departure. If I do not satisfactorily complete any required pre-requisite for my Program, I may not be eligible to participate.
  • The Study Abroad Office cannot register me if I have any financial or advisor holds, nor if I have already registered for classes at UNC for my intended term of study abroad. It is my responsibility to remove any holds on my UNC account that would prevent the Study Abroad Office from registering me for my Program. If I fail to remove any restrictions, the Study Abroad Office will withdraw me from my Program and notify the host institution/organization of this withdrawal. In the event I am withdrawn from the Program, I will be subject to the terms of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy I agreed to in my application and as posted on the Study Abroad Office website.

STUDY ABROAD FEEBy signing this Agreement, I authorize the Study Abroad Office to bill my student account the Study Abroad Fee listed on my Program budget during the normal billing cycle for my intended term abroad. I understand that the Study Abroad Fee is non-refundable in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy I agreed to in my application process and as posted on the Study Abroad Office website. I further understand that the charge will be posted to my student account during the normal billing cycle for my original selected term abroad even if I defer this Program to a later date (in which case the Study Abroad Fee will be applied to the later term of study). RESPONSIBILITY FOR COSTSExcept as otherwise provided by the Program’s terms or as agreed in writing by UNC, I understand that UNC is not responsible for any charges or costs associated with my participation in the Program. I am responsible for all costs associated with my participation in the Program. I agree to pay all cashier billed expenses for my Program, according to the terms and deadlines designated by the Study Abroad Office and the UNC Cashiers Office. I understand that the information I have received regarding the costs of my Program is estimated based on the most accurate information available at the time. Actual costs may vary depending on various factors including, but not limited to, increases in tuition and fees by UNC or the host institution/organization, changes in currency exchange rates, and individual spending habits. I understand that if my Program requires I make payments directly to a host institution/organization, it is my responsibility to make such payments, and that UNC cannot make payments on my behalf. WITHDRAWAL PROCESS AND REFUNDSI understand that by signing this Agreement, I am committing to participate in this Program. If I withdraw from the Program for any reason after signing this Agreement, I will inform the Study Abroad Office in writing immediately and understand that I will be subject to the terms of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy I agreed to in my application process and as posted on the Study Abroad Office website. I understand that I am also bound by the cancellation and refund policies of the host institution/organization, which may be more restrictive than UNC policies and procedures.PROGRAM CHANGES/CANCELLATIONSI acknowledge that UNC reserves the right to cancel or make changes to or substitutions in the entire Program, courses, faculty, agenda, field trips, itinerary, flight arrangements, and other services as deemed necessary. If the Program or any aspect of it is cancelled or modified, UNC policies will govern any refund of tuition, fees, and other charges. If I arrive in the host country prior to the start of my Program or remain in a foreign country after the Program or my participation in it ends, or if I choose to remain after UNC has advised me to depart due to Program cancellation or otherwise, I remain there at my own risk and cannot expect any assistance or support from UNC. Should my Program be cancelled, I will fully cooperate with UNC in determining my available options. FINANCIAL AIDIf I receive financial aid through the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (OSSA), I understand that OSSA will adjust my Cost of Attendance to match the study abroad program’s Cost of Attendance for the term(s) that I am abroad. I understand that my financial aid will also be adjusted based upon the study abroad program’s Cost of Attendance and any additional scholarships I may be receiving. It is my responsibility to reach out to OSSA with any financial aid related questions. ACADEMICS WHILE ABROADFull-time Status: I understand that I must remain a full-time student while participating in this Program, as defined by UNC and my host institution/organization. I understand that I may be required to repay part or all of my financial aid immediately if I drop below full-time status at any time during the term of the Program. Attendance:I understand that I am expected to arrive at the Program site by the official start date of the Program and to attend all classes and Program activities. I may not miss classes and required activities for personal reasons. Absence from scheduled classes and other required Program activities may only be excused for genuine illness, accident, or other emergency. Persistent tardiness or unexcused absences will result in consequences, which may include but not be limited to reduced/failing grades in the affected classes, disciplinary action, or dismissal from the Program. I am required to complete my full Program term, including sitting for any scheduled examinations. Unless there is an emergency that justifies departure from the Program before the official end date of the Program, I cannot end my Program early. Any departure before the Program end date may result in my being withdrawn from the Program, the loss of academic credit, and/or loss of refund of Program or other fees. Maximum Credits Allowed:The maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred back to UNC is 18 credit hours per semester, 32 credit hours per year, and 8 credit hours for each summer session (for a maximum of 16 credit hours per summer), regardless of the number of credits earned at the host institution/organization. I understand that I am not permitted to audit study abroad courses. I understand that I may not enroll in Carolina Online courses or independent study or research courses for my term abroad without written permission from the Study Abroad Office and my academic department. If I enroll in such courses or any other UNC course without written permission, the Study Abroad Office reserves the right to cancel my registration without notice, so that I may be enrolled in my official study abroad placeholder course for my Program. Credit Transfer:

  • Arrangements for credit transfer are specific to each study abroad program.
  • I can consult my Program brochure to determine applicable credit transfer arrangements, and I can also consult a Study Abroad Advisor regarding Program courses.
  • Major and minor course credit is at the discretion of individual departments, and I should work with my academic department to confirm such credit transfers.
  • I understand that, due to various reasons, I may not receive full academic credit for my Program. These circumstances include but are not limited to:
    • Cancellation of the Program due to circumstances beyond the control of UNC.
    • A decision by the host institution/organization, in its sole discretion, that cancellation of the Program is appropriate based on health, safety, or similar considerations.
    • My inability to participate in or complete the Program due to circumstances beyond the control of UNC.
    • My dismissal from the Program.

 RELEASE OF DIRECTORY INFORMATIONI acknowledge and understand that the Study Abroad Office may provide participants on the same study abroad program with the names and email addresses of the other program participants. The Study Abroad Office may also provide prospective study abroad students with names and email addresses of students who have previously gone on a given program. If you do not want the Study Abroad Office to share your information in this way, please contact your Study Abroad Advisor. STUDENT CONDUCT RESPONSIBILITIESI understand that each participant has a personal responsibility for the success of the Program, and that I must exercise good judgment and respect the rights and feelings of others. Prior to DepartureI must resolve all Honor Court, Office of Student Conduct, Carolina Housing, or any other campus disciplinary cases and complete active sanctions resulting from any Honor Court case or Equal Opportunity and Compliance matter at UNC or similar cases/sanctions at my home institution (if not UNC) prior to the start of my Program in order to participate in the Program. I must resolve all criminal or civil charges independent of disciplinary processes at UNC or my home institution to participate in the Program. I understand that other active sanctions, including Housing sanctions, could affect my eligibility to study abroad. While on ProgramI understand that while a participant in this Program, I am fully subject to UNC rules and policies, including those contained within the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance and the Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct. I agree to adhere strictly to such rules and policies during my participation in this Program. I will also comply with the rules and codes of conduct of my host institution/organization and the rules, instructions, and guidelines issued or communicated by Program officials regarding conduct, safety and security, and operational procedures. I will comply with all applicable law and regulations and will not engage in any unlawful conduct. I will not purchase, possess, and/or use any illegal substances during the Program. I understand that other countries have different laws, regulations, or standards. I am aware that in other countries, certain behaviors are unacceptable and/or illegal and could lead to possible disruption of my participation in the Program. I understand that the penalties for use or possession of illegal substances in other countries can be much more severe than in the United States and that the University and its agents cannot assist me if I am in violation of host country laws or standards. The violation of any policies, rules, regulations, or orders of either University employees or any other lawful authority is grounds for immediate expulsion from the Program. I recognize that due to the circumstances of travel and study away programs, any related University hearing may not be practicable and therefore may not be available until after the trip or program has ended and I have returned home. I agree to report any violations of University policy to the Study Abroad Office, and failure to do so could result in my immediate withdrawal from the Program. UNC may also withdraw me from the Program if my conduct does not comply with the terms of this Agreement. I understand there will be no refund if I am dismissed or withdrawn from the Program. I acknowledge and understand that, if I encounter or cause any legal problems, I shall be personally and financially responsible for their resolution, and that UNC is not responsible for assisting me. I agree that I am only permitted to choose among the housing options offered through this Program, and if this Program only offers one housing option, then I may only select that one housing option. I acknowledge and understand that the Study Abroad Office will communicate with me primarily through email, and I agree to monitor the email account on record with the Study Abroad Office before, during, and immediately after the dates of this Program to receive any messages sent to me by the Study Abroad Office or its agents.REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION FOR DISABILITYIf I am an individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation, I am responsible for contacting the Study Abroad Advisor for Access and the Accessibility Resources and Service office as soon as possible to assess the availability of accommodations on my Program. I understand that UNC cannot make any representation with regards to accessibility to services and facilities as disability laws and requirements are country-specific and may not be the same as U.S. laws.INSURANCEAll students on an education abroad program are required to have comprehensive medical insurance, as well as emergency travel health and security insurance. Sickness and accident insurance will be coordinated either by the Study Abroad Office or the host institution/organization. In some cases, a national health insurance program will be required in addition to the coverage offered through the Study Abroad Office or the host institution/organization. Information about the specific requirements and policy available for my Program will be provided by the Study Abroad Office. I am advised to maintain my domestic health insurance policy for the duration of my Program.   RECOGNITION OF HAZARDS AND RISKSI understand that it is possible to complete my degree program without participating in this Program, and I acknowledge that my participation in the Program is elected by me and not required. I acknowledge that I am fully aware that participation in this Program may entail dangers, hazards, and risks associated with international travel and activity outside of the U.S. which may result in losses, damages, or injuries. Any of these risks could result in damage to my property and privacy, illness, injury, and/or death. I voluntarily accept the risks described herein and assume full responsibility for any risk, loss, damage, or injury, including death, and for any property damage that may be sustained by me as a result of participation in this Program. These risks include, but are not limited to: dangers associated with air travel and all other modes of transportation; those associated with disease outbreaks which may strain local health care capacity; foreign political, legal, social, and economic conditions, including terrorism, crime, civil unrest, strikes, wars, kidnapping, and violence; foreign standards of design, safety, and maintenance of facilities (including unsecure computing and wireless facilities), buildings (including varying housing safety standards and regulations), and public places; foreign sanitation, medical conditions, illnesses and disease; and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and other extreme weather conditions. Travel RisksI understand that my travel could be delayed and may even be barred, regardless of my visa status, and that re-entry requirements could impact my return to the U.S. or another country. I am aware that I may encounter restrictions such as abrupt flight cancellations or delays and border closings which could significantly impact my ability to travel. I understand that my departure from a foreign country could be delayed or barred, and I may be forced to remain in a foreign country for an indefinite period of time. I understand that evacuation may not be possible from my Program destination or other locations, and I acknowledge that the University is not responsible for assisting with or for covering costs related to my evacuation. The U.S. government may also have re-entry requirements that could impact my travel.     I have reviewed and agree to comply with the U.S. Department of State (“DOS”) information concerning travel to and around each country I will visit. I understand that such guidance may be updated without notice, and I agree to check frequently for updates throughout my trip, including updates to travel restrictions for all countries I plan to visit or through which I may transit. I also agree that I will enroll in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, if eligible, or its Travel Advisory subscription service and take advantage of such resources. If any warnings are issued for a country to or through which I am traveling, I agree to read the warning and act in accordance with such a warning. If, for any reason, I must immediately evacuate a country, I acknowledge I may need to personally arrange such evacuation, that evacuation may not be possible, and UNC and/or my global health insurance provider may not be able to assist in my evacuation. Health/Medical RisksI understand it is my responsibility to research the medical and other risks associated with any country I intend to visit by reviewing information provided by the U.S. Department of State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), my medical provider, and my Program. I have reviewed and agree to comply with the advice and guidance concerning each country I will visit. I have obtained up-to-date vaccinations and immunizations advised by DOS and/or the CDC, consistent with any instructions provided by my medical practitioner or the Program’s conditions of participation, and I accept the risks of any injuries or illnesses incurred due to lack of or insufficient immunization. Additionally, I will review the non-vaccine preventable diseases present in the location(s) of my Activity and follow all recommended precautions, as advised by the CDC, my medical practitioner, or Program. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with traveling and interacting with other individuals whose health history and exposure risk for diseases and infections cannot be determined. I will not participate in the Program if my medical practitioner advises that participation presents a threat to my health or safety or the health or safety of others. I agree to inform the Study Abroad Office of any current health or medical conditions or needs that may affect my participation in this Program or that will require accommodations. I will notify the Study Abroad Office if I develop any health or medical conditions or needs; failure to disclose health or medical conditions or needs may negatively impact the Study Abroad Office’s ability to provide appropriate assistance and support. I must make provision before departure for continuation of medical treatments such as prescriptions or special diets, and I am responsible for administering my own medications. In the event of illness or injury, I authorize the Program director or other agents to obtain emergency or other medical treatment for me as deemed necessary, including administration of an anesthetic or other medication and surgery, and I hereby assume the cost of such treatment. I further authorize the Program director or agents of UNC to disclose any information about me or related to my illness or injury to either (a) obtain medical treatment in the event of illness or injury, or (b) inform others about such illness or injury or circumstances related thereto, as deemed by the Program director or other agents to be reasonable or necessary under the circumstances. This authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care being required but is given to provide authority and power on the part of UNC to give specific consent to the diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care which in the best judgement of a licensed physician is deemed advisable. I understand that UNC bears no responsibility to me for sickness or injuries sustained by me in connection with my travel and participation in the Program or for medical treatment. In the event that UNC provides any medical, safety, emergency, or other assistance to me, which I hereby authorize, I understand that such assistance does not diminish my sole responsibility for my own health and safety otherwise. I understand that I am solely responsible for any costs incurred in treatment that any insurance does not cover, I agree to pay all expenses related to UNC’s assistance to me and hereby release UNC from any liability for any such actions or for payment for such authorized treatment.Buildings and HousingBuilding safety standards can vary dramatically between countries and are frequently below the standards required by U.S. law. Even in highly developed and modern cities, I understand that buildings may lack common safety features such as door locks, egress windows, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and/or lit stairwells. I understand that UNC cannot guarantee every residence contains safety features similar to what is found in the U.S., and that I can contact the Study Abroad Office if I have any questions or concerns. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTSIt is my responsibility to obtain a passport, to determine the entry requirements for all countries I will visit as part of my Program, and to obtain any required visa(s) or documentation to enter all visited countries, as well as to re-enter the U.S. upon completion of the in-country portion of the Program. Given that visa requirements are subject to determination by foreign governments and subject to change, I further understand that it is my responsibility to make sure I have the most up to date information about visa requirements relevant to my Program, the visa application process, and the timeline for obtaining a visa. I understand that UNC is not able to intercede on my behalf with foreign embassies and consulates in connection with obtaining or maintaining a visa. Regardless of my visa status, I understand that countries, states, and municipalities may take measures, with little or no notice, to change the manner in which people enter or exit the location, and that my ability to travel to or from countries relevant to my Program could be delayed and may even be barred. It is my responsibility to make all travel arrangements outside of those arranged by the Program. In the event I become detached from the Program group, I agree to bear all responsibility to seek, contact, and/or reach the Program group as soon as possible, and that I shall bear all costs attendant thereto. EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATIONI have provided emergency contact information to the Study Abroad Office and agree to update that information if necessary. I acknowledge and understand that, although I am an adult, I have been advised to discuss this Program with my family and to share with them any information about any risk associated with this Program. I am advised to have ongoing conversations about my application status, Program costs, billing cycle, visa applications, etc. If anyone has questions or concerns, we will first consult the information provided and available resources such as the Study Abroad Office website and Heels Abroad Handbook, before contacting the Study Abroad Office. I further understand that if my parents or guardians directly contact the Study Abroad Office three (3) times for non-medical or safety related issues, I may be dismissed from the Program and will be subject to the terms of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy I agreed to signed in my application process and as posted on the Study Abroad Office website.USE OF NAME, IMAGE AND STATEMENTSI hereby grant UNC, the host institution/organization, and any party authorized by UNC, permission to use and distribute photographs, video and audio recordings, or statements (“media”) that are taken of me during my participation in the Program. The intended use of this media is for research, educational, promotional, fund-raising, or other related use, including but not limited to, film broadcast, printed publications, web pages, and web-based publications, associated with UNC. I may be identified by name and title in publications that might accompany the media. I understand that I shall receive no money or remuneration of any kind from UNC related to this grant of permission. I release and forever discharge UNC, its current and former trustees, agents, officers, and employees, including the Study Abroad Office, from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the media, including but not limed to, any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness, or defamation. NO AGENCYI acknowledge and understand that neither UNC nor the Study Abroad Office in any way represents or acts as agent for the host institution/organization or any suppliers of goods or services connected with my Program. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws of the country in which they are provided. CHOICE OF LAW/SEVERABILITYThis Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. Any action brought pursuant to this Program or Agreement shall be brought only in the State or Federal courts of North Carolina. The terms of this Agreement shall be severable, such that, if a court of competent jurisdiction holds any term to be illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with any law governing this Agreement, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected thereby. CERTIFICATION AND COMMITMENT TO PROGRAMI understand that I must sign this Agreement as a condition of participation in the Program. By submitting this Agreement, I accept this offer and confirm my commitment to study on my chosen Program. I confirm I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement. I acknowledge that UNC’s travel policies apply to the Program, and that my travel and/or funding may be restricted or terminated in accordance with the policy. I will comply with requirements to ensure my travel abroad is duly registered. As a condition of my participation in the Program, I will read and execute the Assumption of Risk, Release, and Indemnification for Participation in a Study Abroad Program document. I also attest that I have read and understand the Consent for Release of Information from Education Records document provided as a part of my acceptance. I understand and agree that it is binding on myself, my heirs, my assigns, and personal representatives.


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