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The Study Abroad Placeholder

While abroad, the UNC Study Abroad Office will register you for a study abroad “placeholder” course of 12 (semester) or 6 (summer) credit hours. With the placeholder, you maintain full-time enrollment at UNC during that term. The placeholder appears in ConnectCarolina just like another course.

The placeholder course is just that – a placeholder! It does not necessarily equal the exact number of credit hours you will enroll in, or earn, on your study abroad program. At the end of the credit transfer process, the credit hours will change to reflect the actual number earned.

Registering for the Placeholder

Registration in the placeholder course typically takes place in April and November. The Study Abroad Office will do this on your behalf. There is no need to take action, except for clearing any holds or flags such as Advisor Appointment flags, parking tickets, library fines, prior balances, or fees. In addition, you must not be registered for any on-campus classes for the term abroad, including regular classes, online classes, or independent study classes.

Review the Heels Abroad Handbook section on Registration for more details and guidance.

Do you receive VA benefits?

Please note: Students receiving VA benefits should notify their UNC Study Abroad Advisor of their benefit status upon commitment to the program to ensure the appropriate information is confirmed with the University GI Bill Services Official. In addition, the placeholder course MUST reflect the exact amount of hours taken abroad to ensure the correct VA benefits. Please notify your study abroad advisor of your intended credit hour load.

More info on Veteran’s Affairs is on the Registrar’s website: