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Your host institution will issue you a transcript for the term you are enrolled. In some cases, you must request the transcript – check with your on-site contact for details. Transcripts are required in order to process any credit for your term abroad (including elective hours!).

Students attending UNC Faculty-Led Programs will not receive a separate host institution transcript. The faculty-led courses will appear directly on the UNC transcript.


  • Transcripts must include the actual grade (numerical or letter) earned, not simply “passed” or “failed”.
  • Host institutions must send printed transcripts directly to the UNC Study Abroad Office at the mailing address at the bottom of the screen, not via the student.
  • Electronic transcripts are accepted. The host institution must email them directly to the Credit Transfer Specialist ( or your Study Abroad Advisor.

The Study Abroad Office will notify you when your host institution transcript arrives. You should review your transcript immediately to ensure all grades are recorded accurately. Instructions for accessing your transcript are below.

How to obtain your transcript

UNC students who studied abroad in 2018 and beyond

Log into your application page ( and look under Attached Documents. If the UNC Study Abroad Office has received your transcript, you will be notified, and it will be posted here. You can then download a PDF copy of your host institution transcript.

UNC students who need a certified/official copy of their host institution transcript

If you need a certified/official copy of your host institution transcript for a graduate school application or other purpose, contact your host institution or third-party provider directly to request an official transcript.

Non-UNC Students who study on UNC Study Abroad programs

Official UNC transcripts can be ordered via the Office of the University Registrar for a fee here.
Email for copies of the host institution transcript ONLY. Host institution transcript requests may take up to two weeks to fulfill. Please keep this in mind if you need to meet outside deadlines (i.e. graduate school applications, home institution requirements, etc).
It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with their home school the requirements for transcripts and take action on the appropriate requests.
Request official UNC Transcript

UNC students who studied abroad prior to 2018

If you no longer have access to your study abroad application page, complete this form to request your unofficial transcript.