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Institutional Partners

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a globally engaged institution with many active partnerships worldwide. Each partnership has been vetted according to international education best practices and the academic goals of our campus. All partners have an active agreement with the Study Abroad Office. These international partnerships create opportunities for our students to participate in learning opportunities around the world and allows students from our exchange partners to come to UNC.

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Strategic Partnerships

The Study Abroad Office collaborates with UNC Global and departments across the campus to work with key strategic partnerships. These relationships extend beyond our traditional exchange and study abroad agreements and represent a significant investment of resources and staff across disciplines, departments, and schools. For more information regarding these partnerships, visit UNC Global.

King’s College London, founded in 1828, is a research-led public university in the heart of London.

In 2005, UNC and King’s College London established the UNC-King’s Strategic Alliance, initiated between UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences and King’s School of Arts and Humanities and School of Social Science and Public Policy. The alliance has expanded to become one of the most ambitious partnerships between U.S. and U.K. universities, including longstanding and emerging joint activity in teaching, research, and other initiatives in diverse fields across both universities.

At the core of the partnership is a vibrant undergraduate student exchange program. More than 800 students have participated in summer, semester, and academic year exchanges in fields of study spanning arts, humanities, social sciences, natural and mathematical sciences. UNC students also have the opportunity to participate in special programs at KCL such as Health and Society, Global Health and Social Medicine, and Internships.

Available Programs at King’s College

National University of Singapore, NUS, Singapore’s flagship university, was originally founded in 1905 as a small medical school serving the community. Over a century later, it has grown to become a leading global institution of higher education and the premier university in Asia.

UNC’s partnership with NUS dates back to 2001 with an student exchange between UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences and NUS’ Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Since then, student exchanges have grown to encompass other schools and faculties, including the Faculty of Science, School of Computing and University Scholars Programme (Honors). In 2007, UNC and NUS also launched its first Joint Degree Program, which is currently available in seven majors. In addition to semester and academic year exchanges, students also participate in summer exchanges, both in the classroom and in the lab. To date, over 800 students from both sides have contributed to the NUS-UNC partnership.

Semester/Academic Year Programs

FASStrack Asia
Summer Research

UNC-Chapel Hill and USFQ have been building a partnership for more than ten years, centered around the Galápagos Islands. The partnership began in 2006 with collaboration between geography professors and UNC alumnus, which laid a strong foundation for multidisciplinary collaborative research and opportunities for student engagement. USFQ’s knowledge of politics, culture, and local circumstances; strong scientific understanding of issues vital to island ecosystems; and deep familiarity with the Galápagos is leveraged with UNC-Chapel Hill’s size, diversity of departments, and linkages to global scientific networks and research institutions to create a partnership with considerable comparative advantages.

In recent years, the partnership has been expanding beyond the Galápagos to collaborations in education, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social work, and dentistry. A number of UNC-Chapel Hill and USFQ faculty are adjunct professors at the other university, serve on graduate committees, and co-teach study abroad programs. UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and students conduct research and study in other parts of Ecuador, and USFQ faculty and students spend time in North Carolina.

Available Programs at USFQ

Exchange Partners

UNC has established agreements with many institutions around the globe which support exchange and direct enroll opportunities.

Proprietary Programs

UNC-Chapel Hill offers several proprietary programs, where we have more oversight of the certain components of the program, such as academics. These programs are housed in partner institutions where students enroll in courses, many that are pre-approved for general education or major/minor credit at UNC.

Third Party Program Providers

The Study Abroad Office works with additional approved programs sponsors to supplement our portfolio. Not all programs with each Provider are approved by UNC Study Abroad. Visit our program search for specific approved options.