Accepted Students

Accepted Students

Next Steps for Accepted Students

Congratulations on your approval to study abroad! After your program’s notification date, your application will switch to Post-Decision status and update to include additional required tasks and materials. Make sure to complete all tasks outlined on your online application or provided by your Study Abroad Advisor. The online resources contain valuable information. Note important deadlines for any external applications or forms! Return to your application page any time to refresh your memory or find answers to your questions.

You must electronically sign the Contract to officially commit to your study abroad program and reserve your place.

  1. Log into your study abroad account and click on your application
  2. If you have not done so, please click “Commit”
  3. On your application page, find your Contract under Signature Documents
  4. Open the contract, read it carefully, and click the button to sign the contract digitally

Keep in mind, if you withdraw at a later date, you will be charged the Study Abroad Admin Fee in the term for which you applied, plus any costs or cancellation fees charged by the host institution.

Pre-Departure Orientation

The Study Abroad Office hosts a mandatory Pre-Departure Conference to help you prepare for your experience abroad. Details are on your online application page. All students, except those enrolled in Faculty-Led and Honors programs, are required to attend. (Faculty-Led and Honors program students will attend a separate pre-departure meeting.)*

*The April 2020 Pre-Departure Conference has been cancelled and Pre-Departure Orientation will be held virtually instead. More information is forthcoming.