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Returning Home

Once the semester or academic year is over, there are several items to be mindful of before returning home.

If you plan to return home immediately after the program, it is recommended that you schedule your return flight for after the last day of final exams. All exchange students will be issued an F1 visa which has a 60 day grace period. Therefore students would have 60 days from the program end date to depart the US. This allows international students to travel within the US before returning home.

In order for the official transcript to be requested, there cannot be any charges remaining on your UNC account. Please make sure to review your account and pay for any outstanding charges before you leave campus.
Official transcripts will be sent electronically to your home university. Transcripts will be delivered to the Study Abroad Office or Office of Student Mobility a couple of months after the program end date and will be sent shortly thereafter.