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Steps in the Study Abroad Process

The study abroad process is extensive, with many different parties and processes at play. We are here to provide your student with guidance throughout every step of the process. Our advisors regularly meet with students to answer questions and offer advice, while this website provides a host of resources to help students find the best program that fits their interests. We suggest you review each of the following links to learn more about the study abroad process:

  • Starting the Journey: Students can begin their search by reviewing our Getting Started page, learning about who can study abroad and how to find a program that fits their academic, financial, personal, and professional needs.
  • Applying to Study Abroad: Learn about the various steps in the application process through our online system.
  • Once Accepted: Students are required to complete numerous items after they are accepted, including online submissions to our office and their host institution abroad and attend a pre-departure session. Our staff also provide resources and information about academics, health and safety abroad, traveling overseas, and passports and visas to help prepare the students for their time abroad.
  • While Abroad: Our services do not end when the student leaves campus! Our staff are available 24/7 to assist students with any issues, challenges, or emergencies and partner with the student’s host institution to ensure a safe and successful experience
  • Returning to the U.S.: Once the student returns to campus, we provide numerous resources and activities to help the student adjust to life back on campus and how to incorporate the experience into their future job search.