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Information for Study Abroad Departmental Reviewers

Thank you so much for taking on this very important task of reviewing international courses for our Study Abroad students! You fill a vital role in the Study Abroad process, enabling students to work towards their academic goals while experiencing the educational benefit of living and studying overseas.

We want to make your experience of providing course evaluations as smooth as possible, and hope you will let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you in this process. Please reach out to us at if we can answer any questions or provide you with any additional information.

Helpful Guides

*This method works best if you already know exactly which requirement a course will meet, and just need to look up the Tarheel Tracker Code.

** If you’d like to look to see which requirements a student still needs to fill, this guide will help you navigate the student’s Tarheel Tracker record and find the correct THT code.

Departmental Reviewer Directory


This is the directory that students use to find out who reviews study abroad courses for their major, minor, or language requirements. Additionally, you can provide departmental guidelines, policies, or important information for students in the notes section. We recognize every department is different and we would love to know more about specific requirements within your department or criteria you expect in coursework. See below for an example:

Global Studies

Departmental Reviewer: Jonathan Weiler,


Students can earn up to 3 courses in the GLBL Major from one semester abroad (and four total for one year abroad). Students cannot earn core courses while abroad. Students must get approval for language courses from the relevant language department. Courses should include 2500 words of writing to merit credit.

Update Departmental Reviewer Directory

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