Academics Abroad

Academics Abroad

It’s a common myth that study abroad “does not count” in your studies at UNC. This could not be further from the case! Study abroad courses can count toward general education credits, major and minor credit, or electives towards graduation. This section includes information on how to earn credit from a study abroad program. Do your research and plan ahead.

The Basics

  • UNC faculty-led programs offer graded credit that factors into your UNC GPA.
  • Non faculty-led programs offer transfer credit (noted as TREQ on your transcript). This does not impact your UNC GPA.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor before applying to discuss academic planning and degree requirements. This is imperative if you have a high number of transfer credit hours at UNC.
  • Research course and credit information for your study abroad program, including online course catalogues. Familiarize yourself with the academic system of the host institution, including credit and grade equivalencies posted on the program brochures.
  • Save ALL course materials and work produced, syllabi, reading list, papers, artwork, et cetera, to support your credit transfer requests.


  • You must take courses abroad for a grade, not pass/fail, at your host institution.
  • You must receive the equivalent* of a C or higher in each transfer credit course to earn any credit (including elective hours) toward your UNC degree. If you receive a grade below C, or if you take a course pass/fail, you will not receive ANY credit toward your UNC degree.
  • You must enroll in the equivalent of 12-18 UNC credit hours* per semester. You may transfer a maximum of 18 credit hours per semester abroad.

*Many of our partner institutions, especially exchange partners, do not use the credit hour and grading scales used by U.S. universities, including UNC. Click here for more information.