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Pre-Approved Courses

Browse Pre-Approved Course Database

Students can browse courses that have been pre-approved to learn how the credit will transfer back to UNC. The optional filters can be utilized to narrow by program, UNC Department for credit, or country.

View Pre-Approved Courses

Note: this is not an exhaustive list of available courses or programs, and courses listed here are not guaranteed to be available at the host institution in the term you intend to study. This list will update as new courses are reviewed and approved.

Access the Study Abroad Credit Portal to Request New or Pre-Approved Courses

Students will receive a link to login to the Study Abroad Student Credit Portal upon approval/acceptance to their study abroad program.

Courses that are not pre-approved can be submitted for review and approval via the Study Abroad Student Credit Portal. Students wishing to discuss specific credit concerns prior to receiving approval to a program and access to the Study Abroad Student Credit Portal can reach out to their major/minor Departmental Reviewer contact or

View Steps for Requesting Credit