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Study Abroad 101 Video Series

Welcome to study abroad at UNC! We’re excited that you’re interested in exploring study abroad opportunities.

During this video series, you’ll learn about the types of programs we offer, things to consider when selecting a program, how to apply, how to earn credit on your program, and funding your study abroad experience.

1. Intro to Study Abroad

Start here to learn about the basics of study abroad!

Is study abroad for me?

Study abroad is an opportunity for students to have a transformative learning experience at various sites around the world.

Things to consider

Before you begin your search, it is good to ask yourself a few questions about what you want and need out of your study abroad experience. 

UNC Program Offerings

UNC offers programs around the world for every major. Learn more about our diverse portfolio!

When can I study abroad?

Program lengths can vary from three weeks to a full year, and you can go abroad as soon as your second semester at Carolina.  

2. The Application Process

Find out what’s included in the application!

How to Apply

UNC has two application cycles for study abroad: one for summer, fall and academic year, and another for spring and calendar year programs.  

Earning academic credit

On study abroad programs, you can earn major, minor, and general education credits that can count towards your degree at UNC.

Meet with a study abroad advisor

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your study abroad advisor and learn more about the programs you’re interested in. 

Application Requirements

Most program applications will require transcripts, short answer application questions, and an application fee. Update: Most programs no longer require academic recommendations.

3. Our Programs

We have several different program models to fit your needs. Learn more about what makes each program type unique.

UNC Faculty-led Programs

Faculty Led Programs are one of the most popular program types at Carolina. On these programs students travel with a group of UNC students and take at least one course with a Carolina professor.

UNC Faculty-led Programs with Honors & Signature Programs

Learn more about some of the longest running programs at Carolina! Honors Carolina programs are available to all UNC students with at least a 3.0 GPA.

Exchange & Direct-Enroll Programs

Exchange and Direct-Enroll programs are excellent options for students looking for a cost-effective, immersive experience.

Provider Programs

For those students who may want some additional support during their time abroad, a Provider Program is an excellent option. Some providers may have special offerings like internships or field work. 

4. Funding Study Abroad

Learn how to fund your study abroad dreams and find the program and financial fit that’s best for you.

Is study abroad affordable?

Are there scholarships available?

How does financial aid work with study abroad?

When will my financial aid package be updated for study abroad?

How do I know if I can afford a program?

When will my financial aid disburse?

How do I understand a budget sheet?

How do I know if I can anticipate a refund?