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Areas of Study


Ally Blue

Meet Ally Blue

Major/Minor: Double major in psychology and Exercise and sports science with a minor in neuroscience
Program & Location: KĂžbenhavns Universitat, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Fall 2020

Alex Moffitt

Meet Alex Moffitt

Major/Minor: Psychology/Social and Economic Justice
Program & Location: UNC Honors Shakespeare in London and Oxford, London and Oxford, England
Term: Summer 2019

Allison Burnett

Meet Allison Burnett

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism, AD/PR
Program & Location: Lorenzo De Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2022

Hannah Hartsgrove

Meet Hannah Hartsgrove

Major/Minor: Majors: History and Public Policy
Program & Location: DIS Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2021

Anthony Lamberti

Meet Anthony Lamberti

Major/Minor: Psychology BS, Economics BA, Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: UNC Life Writing in Ireland, Galway, Ireland
Term: Summer 2023

Perry Tseng

Meet Perry Tseng

Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Program & Location: CET Taiwan at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Term: Summer 2023

Anna Credle

Meet Anna Credle

Major/Minor: Business Administration major/Computer Science minor
Program & Location: DIS: Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2020

Abby Biehl

Meet Abby Biehl

Major/Minor: B.S. Psychology/Neuroscience Minor
Program & Location: Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2 2019

Audrey Selley

Meet Audrey Selley

Major/Minor: Economics B.S. and Journalism minor
Program & Location: Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
Term: Spring 2022

Caroline Richter

Meet Caroline Richter

Major/Minor: Biology (BA) Major and Medical Anthropology Minor
Program & Location: DIS Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Spring 2022