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Rural County Resident

Lesley Estrada Tovar

Meet Lesley Estrada Tovar

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science Major/ History Minor
Program & Location: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Term: Spring 2022

Spencer Stone

Meet Spencer Stone

Major/Minor: Business Administration
Program & Location: Radboud University - Nijmegen School of Management, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Term: Spring 2019

Brianna Taylor

Meet Brianna Taylor

Major/Minor: Biology Major/Heritage and Global Engagement Minor
Program & Location: UNC Science in Sevilla, Seville, Spain
Term: Summer 2023

Nya (Laura) Jencks

Meet Nya (Laura) Jencks

Major/Minor: Psychology
Program & Location: Carolina Global Launch: Maynooth, Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland
Term: Fall 2021

Sophie Hastings

Meet Sophie Hastings

Major/Minor: Global studies
Program & Location: CET Colombia, Cali, Colombia
Term: Spring 2020

Eliza Hart

Meet Eliza Hart

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism; History
Program & Location: Instituto Lorenzo D’Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 1 2022

Keri Price

Meet Keri Price

Major/Minor: Management and Society/ Hispanic Studies
Program & Location: UNC in Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
Term: Fall 2018

Mariah Meador

Meet Mariah Meador

Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry&Neuroscience
Program & Location: Science in Scandinavia, Lund, Sweden
Term: Summer 2019

Naudia Brown

Meet Naudia Brown

Major/Minor: Psychology/Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Summer 2021

Jess Dulin

Meet Jess Dulin

Major/Minor: Journalism
Program & Location: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Term: Spring 2019

Michael Lin

Meet Michael Lin

Major/Minor: Chemistry
Program & Location: American University of Rome, Rome, Italy
Term: Summer 2019

Jaeny Yoo

Meet Jaeny Yoo

Major/Minor: Biology/Communications Major and Studio Art Minor
Program & Location: Yonsei International Summer School, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2019

Natalie Flow

Meet Natalie Flow

Major/Minor: Spanish literature and culture, global studies, minor in public policy
Program & Location: Exchange, Universidad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
Term: Spring 2019

Samuel Coble

Meet Samuel Coble

Major/Minor: Pre-Business/Management and Society with a Conflict Management Minor
Program & Location: Carolina Global Launch, University of Stirling Scotland, Stirling, Scotland
Term: Fall 2022

Samantha Hines

Meet Samantha Hines

Major/Minor: Communication Studies Major, Writing for the Screen and Stage Minor
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Spring 2021 and Summer 2021

Miguel Esrello

Meet Miguel Esrello

Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry and Education
Program & Location: UNC Biology in Grenoble - Summer, 2023, Grenoble, France
Term: Summer 2023

Adriana Torres

Meet Adriana Torres

Major/Minor: Health Policy and Management & Medical Anthropology
Program & Location: Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University, Berlin, Germany
Term: Summer 2023

Alex Moffitt

Meet Alex Moffitt

Major/Minor: Psychology/Social and Economic Justice
Program & Location: UNC Honors Shakespeare in London and Oxford, London and Oxford, England
Term: Summer 2019

Emily Jackson

Meet Emily Jackson

Major/Minor: Biology and Women's & Gender Studies Double Major
Program & Location: DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2021

Rylie LaRue

Meet Rylie LaRue

Major/Minor: Political Science and Peace, War, and Defense with a minor in Environmental Science
Program & Location: Lorenzo de Mecidi (LDM), Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2022

Alana Schmidlin

Meet Alana Schmidlin

Major/Minor: Psychology Major, Biology and Neuroscience Minors
Program & Location: Korea University International Summer Campus, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2023

Kati Schy

Meet Kati Schy

Major/Minor: BS in Psychology and BA in Interdisciplinary Studies for Public Health Innovation
Program & Location: University of Sydney Exchange Program, Sydney, Australia
Term: Spring 2019

Skylar Smith

Meet Skylar Smith

Major/Minor: Political Science and Global Studies, minor in Spanish for the Business Professions
Program & Location: Spanish for the Professions Business Minor-CINECU, Sevilla, Spain
Term: Summer 2019

Hope Gambill

Meet Hope Gambill

Major/Minor: Political Science & Philosophy with a minor in Conflict Managment
Program & Location: Criminal Justice in London Burch Seminar, London, UK
Term: Summer 2022

Olivia Clark

Meet Olivia Clark

Major/Minor: Anthropology and Global Studies double major with a possible minor in art
Program & Location: YISS Program and then Yonsei (SAY) Program, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2021 and starting Spring 2022

Avery Boudreau

Meet Avery Boudreau

Major/Minor: Statistics and Economics
Program & Location: American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Term: Spring 2021

Lili Craven

Meet Lili Craven

Major/Minor: MEJO and SPHS
Program & Location: DIS, Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden
Term: Summer 2023

Jordan Goode

Meet Jordan Goode

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Studies
Program & Location: IES Abroad, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2021

Anna Gibbons

Meet Anna Gibbons

Major/Minor: Environmental Science, Marine Science, Public Policy
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Spring 2021

India Brown

Meet India Brown

Major/Minor: Sociology, Hispanic Literature and Cultures
Program & Location: Salamanca Summer - Language and Culture Session II (IES Abroad), Salamanca, Spain
Term: Summer 2019

Ajani McIntosh

Meet Ajani McIntosh

Major/Minor: Sports Admin & History Major, Coaching Education Minor
Program & Location: UNC International Sport Managment, London, England
Term: Summer 2022

Charlene Nguyen

Meet Charlene Nguyen

Major/Minor: Biology (B.S) Major w/ Chemistry & Japanese Minors
Program & Location: UNC Summer in Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Term: Summer 2023

Josh Massey

Meet Josh Massey

Major/Minor: Southern Studies, English/Comparative Literature
Program & Location: UNC Chapel Hill Honors Study Abroad, London, England
Term: Spring 2019