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Adding/Dropping Courses

There are very strict deadlines to add or drop courses to your schedule. Once you’ve been registered, you will have time to change your schedule up through the first week of classes. The sixth day of classes is the last day you can add a course to your schedule. After this point, you can no longer add a class.
Review University Registrar’s Calendar

For this reason, we recommend that you enroll in more courses than you need to take, so you can try out multiple courses and have time to figure out which courses are best for you. The U.S. Government requires that you take at least 12 UNC credits (the equivalent of four lecture courses), but your home university may require you transfer a higher number of credits back to make progress towards your degree.

Please check with your home university to see how many courses you need to take while here at UNC, and be sure you are following the minimum enrollment requirements for both UNC and your home university.