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Diversities Abroad


Rachel Oommen

Meet Rachel Oommen

Major/Minor: Public Policy/Global Studies/French Minor
Program & Location: UNC in Montpellier, Montpellier, France
Term: Spring 2019

Eliza Hart

Meet Eliza Hart

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism; History
Program & Location: Instituto Lorenzo D’Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 1 2022

Adriana Torres

Meet Adriana Torres

Major/Minor: Health Policy and Management & Medical Anthropology
Program & Location: Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University, Berlin, Germany
Term: Summer 2023

Toni Ocloo

Meet Toni Ocloo

Major/Minor: Political Science Major; Spanish for the Legal Professions and Studio Art Minor
Program & Location: IES Barcelona Fall 2022 Political Science & International Relations Program, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2022

Harshita Gudipudi

Meet Harshita Gudipudi

Major/Minor: Neuroscience & Exercise and Sports Science/Medical Anthropology
Program & Location: DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2023

Lesley Estrada Tovar

Meet Lesley Estrada Tovar

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science Major/ History Minor
Program & Location: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Term: Spring 2022

James (

Meet James ("Logan") Dosher

Major/Minor: Chinese, Global Studies
Program & Location: Weir Fellowship (CET), Taipei, Taiwan
Term: Summer 2019 (NSLI-Y), Weir Fellow (Spring 2023-Summer 2023)

Waverly McIver

Meet Waverly McIver

Major/Minor: journalism and political science
Program & Location: Honors Carolina in London with internship, London, England
Term: Fall 2022

Madeleine Bagshaw

Meet Madeleine Bagshaw

Major/Minor: Biology major, Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: UNC Science in Dublin- Organic Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland
Term: Summer 2022

Molly (Mary) Warden

Meet Molly (Mary) Warden

Major/Minor: Biology/Spanish for the Medical Professions
Program & Location: UNC Spanish in the Galapagos, San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador
Term: Summer 2023