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Areas of Study


Madison Chen

Meet Madison Chen

Major/Minor: Business Administration/Data Science & Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: Faculty of Arts and Sciences Program at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Term: Fall 2022

Alexa Augone

Meet Alexa Augone

Major/Minor: History & Psychology
Program & Location: University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England
Term: Spring 2019

Brandy Abreu

Meet Brandy Abreu

Major/Minor: HDFS Major/ Asian Studies Minor
Program & Location: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Spring 2021

Bryant Thai

Meet Bryant Thai

Major/Minor: Information Science
Program & Location: University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Term: Fall 2018

Taylor Buck

Meet Taylor Buck

Major/Minor: Political Science/Journalism; Minor in Biology
Program & Location: Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2019

Gia Bondi

Meet Gia Bondi

Major/Minor: Eocnomics and Pre-Business with Spanish minor
Program & Location: IES Abroad Barcelona Language and Area Studies Program, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2023

Maureen Sullivan

Meet Maureen Sullivan

Major/Minor: Major-Environmental Health Science (Public Health) Minors-Chemistry and Hispanic Studies
Program & Location: IES Barcelona-Language and Area Studies, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2021

Amy Emrich

Meet Amy Emrich

Major/Minor: double major: political science and advertising and public relations- minor: spanish for the professions
Program & Location: UNC Summer in Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
Term: Summer 2019

Allison Burnett

Meet Allison Burnett

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism, AD/PR
Program & Location: Lorenzo De Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2022

Naudia Brown

Meet Naudia Brown

Major/Minor: Psychology/Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Summer 2021