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Costs and Funding

Studying abroad is an experience that everyone can have We are committed to helping your student find a great financial fit for their study abroad program. While our 400+ programs vary in cost depending on the type of program, location, and duration, there are many study abroad programs that are similar in cost to a fall or spring semester here at UNC Chapel Hill – and some programs that are even less expensive. Each program listed on our website contains budget sheets to help you and your student plan accordingly.  

We have also provided numerous resources to allow you and your student to explore funding options, including financial aid and study abroad scholarships. Please explore our site with your student and talk with them about their ideas and the financing options available. 

Costs & Funding

Study Abroad Office Scholarships

Other Funding Sources

Study Abroad Fee

The Study Abroad Administrative Fee will be billed to your student’s account only if they accept an offer from the Study Abroad Office to study abroad (i.e. sign the Study Abroad Contract). If they withdraw from a program after accepting the offer, they will still be charged in the same billing cycle. However, they may apply the paid fee to a future UNC Study Abroad program.

Billing & Payments

Students studying abroad through the UNC Study Abroad Office will remain registered at the University during their time overseas. They will receive their bills through ConnectCarolina during the regular billing cycle for term they study abroad according to the University Cashier. Please review the information on our Budget Sheets & Billing page to understand the billing and payments process. Program Costs may include expenses for housing, meals, special excursion fees, etc. Please note that your student’s UNC Student Bill for their study abroad program will be distinctly different from their residential semester billing and will reflect the study abroad program budget.

Cancellation Information

Once your student commits to participating in a program, our office begins to make financial commitments on their behalf. If your student needs to withdraw from a program after they have accepted their offer from the Study Abroad Office, they will be held to a specific process regarding cancellation and any refunds available.