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Diversities Abroad


Britney Hong

Meet Britney Hong

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Sciences, American Studies
Program & Location: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Fall 2022

Julia Ho

Meet Julia Ho

Major/Minor: Nutrition Major, Chemistry Minor
Program & Location: Istituto Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2023

Joseph Hinchcliffe

Meet Joseph Hinchcliffe

Major/Minor: Biology BS
Program & Location: The University of Melbourne, Exchange, Melbourne, Australia
Term: Spring 2023

Spencer Stone

Meet Spencer Stone

Major/Minor: Business Administration
Program & Location: Radboud University - Nijmegen School of Management, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Term: Spring 2019

Elle Wehner

Meet Elle Wehner

Major/Minor: Business Administration
Program & Location: Carolina Global Launch, Maynooth University, Maynooth (Dublin), Ireland
Term: Fall 2022

Kasey Price

Meet Kasey Price

Major/Minor: English and Comparative Literature Major (Writing, Editing, and Digital Publishing), PPE minor
Program & Location: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Term: Academic Year 2021-2022

Raguell Couch

Meet Raguell Couch

Major/Minor: Psychology w/ a minor in conflict management
Program & Location: Burch Field Research Seminar in London: Criminal Justice and Health Policy, London, GB
Term: Summer 2023

Sierra President

Meet Sierra President

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism: Journalism and Political Science double major
Program & Location: London: Criminal Justice, A Burch Field Seminar, London, England
Term: Summer 2023

Jessica Snouwaert

Meet Jessica Snouwaert

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism, Arabic
Program & Location: Documenting the Dig, Huqoq, Israel
Term: Summer 2019

Oliver Chen

Meet Oliver Chen

Major/Minor: Exercise and Sport Science
Program & Location: Lorenzo de' Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2022