Study Abroad Stories


Nina Fisher

Meet Nina Fisher

Major/Minor: Major: Psychology Minors: Entrepreneurship, French
Program & Location: NC in Paris Consortium Program, Paris, France
Term: Spring 2022


Natalie Flow

Meet Natalie Flow

Major/Minor: Spanish literature and culture, global studies, minor in public policy
Program & Location: Exchange, Universidad de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
Term: Spring 2019


Alyssa Floyd

Meet Alyssa Floyd

Major/Minor: Information Sciences & Strategic Communications
Program & Location: University of Manchester Exchange, Manchester, United Kingdom
Term: Spring 2020


Sophia Fortain

Meet Sophia Fortain

Major/Minor: Biology (BS), minors: Chemistry, History
Program & Location: University of Essex, Essex, England
Term: Spring 2020


Claire Galt

Meet Claire Galt

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism
Program & Location: UNC in Firenze, Florence, Italy
Term: Spring 2020


Hope Gambill

Meet Hope Gambill

Major/Minor: Political Science & Philosophy with a minor in Conflict Managment
Program & Location: Criminal Justice in London Burch Seminar, London, UK
Term: Summer 2022


Ellen Garfinkle

Meet Ellen Garfinkle

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science/Middle Eastern Languages
Program & Location: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
Term: Spring 2022


Charlotte Geier

Meet Charlotte Geier

Major/Minor: MEJO-ad/pr track major, business administration and food studies minors
Program & Location: Mahidol University International College, Salaya, Thailand
Term: Spring 2022


Anna Gibbons

Meet Anna Gibbons

Major/Minor: Environmental Science, Marine Science, Public Policy
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Spring 2021


Brianna Gilmore

Meet Brianna Gilmore

Major/Minor: Latin American Studies/Geography and Hispanic Studies Minors
Program & Location: The School For the Field Studies, Atenas, Costa Rica
Term: Spring 2019


Sarah Gneuss

Meet Sarah Gneuss

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Business Administration
Program & Location: Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao, Spain
Term: Spring 2022


Jordan Goode

Meet Jordan Goode

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Studies
Program & Location: IES Abroad, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2021


Maddie Gorelick

Meet Maddie Gorelick

Major/Minor: Physchology B.S. Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS): Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Spring 2019


Lucy Gorman

Meet Lucy Gorman

Major/Minor: Peace, War, and Defense ; Psychology
Program & Location: Burch Criminal Justice 2022, London, United Kingdom
Term: Summer 2022


Luke Granger

Meet Luke Granger

Major/Minor: Mathematics and Statistics
Program & Location: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Term: Fall 2019