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Resources for Specific Student Groups

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Did you know?

Good news! In most cases, your Carolina Covenant funding travels with you for fall and spring semester study abroad programs!

If the program costs more than being here in Chapel Hill, additional loan funding will be offered to you. Explore Study Abroad Office Scholarships and other funding sources too! If the program costs less than being here in Chapel Hill, your Carolina Covenant funding may be reduced to match reduced costs. The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid tries to preserve as much grant and scholarship funding as possible.

Things to Consider with Your Covenant

  • Use the resources on this website to learn about study abroad and explore program options.
  • Attend a Study Abroad event to learn more!
  • When searching programs, compare the total estimated cost of a program on the budget sheet with your Covenant award amount.
  • If the program cost is more than your award amount, you can apply for additional loan funding through OSSA. Explore Study Abroad Office Scholarships and other funding sources too! As a student with financial need, you would be eligible for many funding opportunities!
  • If you were awarded work study as part of your aid package, you will be eligible for additional grant funding to help replace your work-study award.

Questions about Covenant and Study Abroad?

Contact or call 919-962-8396.

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Study Abroad has the potential to hugely impact your time at Carolina. The Study Abroad Office is available to help meet your goals in expanding your campus beyond Chapel Hill.

Resources Available

  • Study Abroad 101 Info Sessions
  • Special events, such as Funding 101 and Covenant Scholars’ Info Sessions
  • 1-on-1 appointments with a Study Abroad Advisor for specific questions and concerns
  • Credit transfer information to make the most out of your academic experience
  • Peer-to-peer advising from students who have already studied abroad
  • Heels Abroad Handbook materials
  • Pre-Departure Conference sessions on budgeting and cultural adjustment
  • Diversity Abroad information – First Generation Students
  • Plus all of the information included on this website!

For more resources available to you on campus, visit the Carolina Firsts website.

Article: “Why first gens thrive abroad” from our partner IFSA.
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Students from institutions other than UNC-Chapel Hill are welcome to apply for select programs. Non-UNC students are required to pay the Study Abroad Admin Fee, as well as any costs specific to non-UNC students as outlined on the program budget sheet.

To Find Available Programs

  • Use the Advanced Program Search tool
  • Under Parameters, find the Open to Non-UNC Students field
  • Select the appropriate criteria
  • Customize your search further, if desired
  • Click Search
  • Review the results!

To Apply

  • Contact your campus’s study abroad office and fulfill any requirements of your home institution!
  • Register online at
  • Follow the steps to apply online!

Important Notes

  • Follow all deadlines set by your home institution, as well as UNC Study Abroad. Timelines may differ!
  • You may be required to submit additional application materials, which will be listed on your application page.
  • Contact your home institution study abroad advisor and/or the UNC Study Abroad Advisor with any questions.
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Click here for more detailed info on Students of Diverse Identities

[/vc_tta_section] [vc_tta_section title=”Students with Accessibility Needs or Health Concerns” tab_id=”8154768468798-625c0a6c-4324″]

Click here for more detailed info on Students with Accessibility Needs or Health Concerns

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Transfer students often study abroad as part of their Carolina experience.   


  • Transfer students may study abroad after their first semester at UNC
  • The Study Abroad Office will accept and review prior institution transcripts, in addition to a UNC transcript, when determining a transfer student’s eligibility for a program

Programs available

  • Carolina offers a variety of program types, many of which would be a good fit for transfer students and allow you to satisfy degree requirements
  • Faculty-led programs are one great option, as most offer UNC graded credit
  • Many other types of study abroad programs offer transfer credit, so if these are of interest to you, just check to make sure you meet all in-residence requirements for your degree

Contact a Study Abroad Advisor for more information and to discuss your eligibility and programs that would be a good fit for you.

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