Student Initiated Programs

Student Initiated Programs

Although we have a wide range of approved programs, we understand that our portfolio may not address the academic needs of all students. If you are interested in a program that is not listed on our website, you can petition our office for permission to participate in a program offered through another university or third-party provider. Students must provide a valid academic reason for pursuing an outside program. Students should be able to demonstrate that the program is not similar to any UNC approved programs and meets an academic need that a UNC approved program does not.

Not all applications for student initiated programs are approved, and the petition process requires you to carefully research the program and provide our office with sufficient information for us to determine that the proposed study abroad program meets the academic rigor of courses offered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Important notes:

This process determines if a program is eligible for UNC credit. However, it does not guarantee specific credits. You can read more about the academics abroad and the transfer credit approval process here.

The process for student initiated programs is only for students who wish to earn credit for their program at UNC. If you do not wish to earn credit at UNC, and do not need endorsement from UNC to participate on your program, you are not required to apply through our office.

Associated Fees:

  • $50 application fee
  • $1,000 Study Abroad Administrative fee
  • $500 Retroactive Application fee (if you already participated in a program and wish to earn credit after completion)

For more information and how to apply, please see the Student Initiated Programs brochure page.