Spring 2020 Recently Returned

Message to Spring 2020 Students

We can only imagine how disappointing it has been for your study abroad program to be canceled. Because we worked with you throughout the process, we know you put in a lot of effort to this experience. We are still here to support you.

Special Note: This website and the FAQs are for students who studied abroad or plan to do so through the UNC Study Abroad Office in the College of Arts and Sciences. If your program is offered through Honors Carolina, or through another UNC school, please reach out to those units for information. For specific updates related to COVID-19, please visit unc.edu/coronavirus.

Let’s Talk

In the coming days, your study abroad advisor will reach out to share a link to a Zoom Study Abroad Debrief Meeting. Debrief sessions will be held in small groups with your peers and your study abroad advisor.

Additional re-entry support is also being developed and more information will be sent out soon!


You can find out who your academic advisor is by logging into ConnectCarolina’s Student Center and looking under “Advisor” toward the bottom right of the page. Students can also visit https://advising.unc.edu/ 

Additionally, students can contact the COVID-19 Student Support Hub for comprehensive assistance, including academic advising and financial aid, related to the impact of the virus at: ccfs@unc.edu or covidcareforstudents@unc.edu

  • Follow instructions from your host institution to participate in their courses remotely and to submit remaining assignments electronically.   
  • Keep copies of all course syllabi and follow these instructions to transfer credit
  • If you complete the coursework successfully, academic credit for your program will transfer to UNC just as it would have if you had remained in your host country. 

For students studying abroad in spring 2020, the following will apply:

  • Students may earn credit for coursework taken/completed online.
  • Students may earn credit for courses taken as ‘pass/fail’. A grade of ‘pass’ or the equivalent at the host institution is required for credit to transfer.
    • This applies if students elect to take courses as ‘pass/fail’ or equivalent, or if the host institution changes to this grading basis without student choice.
  • Students taking courses for a grade should earn the equivalent of a UNC “C” or better for credit to transfer. More information on conversions can be found here.
  • If students earn a “W” on their host institution transcript for a course, this will not be reflected on the UNC transcript and no credit will transfer.
  • Students no longer enrolled in or earning the equivalent of at least 12 UNC credits (conversion information here) should contact their study abroad advisor.

If your host institution is providing the option to complete courses online, we strongly recommend that you do so, as the failure to complete these courses will very likely impact your financial aid and academic credit received from the program. If you will continue your study abroad program remotely, please inform your study abroad advisor, if you have not already done so.For details pertaining to financial aid, please consult Sharon Beers at fa_studyabroad@unc.edu  

Contact Academic Advising as soon as possible to determine options for continuing your academic progress and to adjust plans for coursework during Summer and future academic terms. Also be sure to notify your study abroad advisor, if you have not already done so.

To withdraw from your Spring 2020 study abroad program, please notify your study abroad advisor to initiate the withdrawal process. The withdrawal process will involve billing, financial aid, and registration. If you withdraw, you will not receive academic credit for the semester. The University Registrar will automatically readmit you for Summer or Fall 2020 registration. You will not have to re-apply for admission to UNC.

Students whose programs were canceled before the start of the semester will receive a refund of tuition and housing costs, as well as the study abroad administrative fee.

UNC study abroad advisors and program directors will assist students whose programs were canceled midway through the semester in seeking any recoverable program costs. Host institutions and providers have varying payment models and refund policies, and some may offer partial or no refunds. Students who paid tuition, program fees, and/or housing costs directly to their host institution or provider should seek partial refunds from the institution or provider.

Students who studied abroad/away through Honors Carolina may contact honorsburch@unc.edu with questions, and students who studied on a  program through a UNC school other than the College of Arts & Sciences should contact the advisor for that program for assistance.

If UNC partner institutions or providers refund any amount of program costs, the Study Abroad Office will transfer the refunded amount to students who participated in the program.

Students seeking refunds of unrecoverable costs can learn more and submit a request for financial assistance by visiting the CV19 Student Care Hub, financial resources section.

Upon return to the U.S., students should enroll in, or continue, domestic health insurance coverage. GeoBlue study abroad insurance coverage applies only outside the U.S. StudentBlue is available for those who do not have another U.S.-based health insurance provider. More information is available on the UNC Global Travel webpage about insurance.

Study Abroad advising appointments, info sessions, and meetings will be held virtually for the foreseeable future. Please email your study abroad advisor to arrange a Zoom or phone appointment. For a full list of study abroad advisors, please visit the Study Abroad Office staff directory.

Students can contact the COVID-19 Student Support Hub for comprehensive assistance, including academic advising and financial aid, related to the impact of the virus at: ccfs@unc.edu or covidcareforstudents@unc.edu.