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UNC Summer Programs Offering General Education Credit

General education credit on study abroad programs

The programs listed below offer UNC courses that automatically fulfill general education requirements for a letter grade. Students may also receive general education credit when they participate on other study abroad programs. Check out the credit request process to  determine if a different course (not listed above) is eligible for general education credit.

*Honors/Burch Global Programs are open to ALL UNC students with a 3.0+ GPA.

All Study Abroad Programs satisfy the EE (Experiential Education) or the High Impact Experience requirement.

Program NameCountryCourse(s)Gen Ed(s) - Making Connections CurriculmGen Ed(s) - IDEAS in Action Curriculm
UNC Burch in Vienna and the BalkansAustriaPOLI/PWAD 469H: Conflict and Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia | POLI/PWAD 252H: International Organizations and Global IssuesGL & SS | GL & SS
UNC Environmental Studies in Galapagos (Summer)EcuadorENEC 324: Water in Our World: Introduction to Hydrologic Science | ENEC 325: Water Resource Management and Human Rights | ENEC 324L: Water in Our World Laboratory: Drones and Hydrologic LandscapePX & PL| PH & GL FC-NATSCI | FC-POWER or FC-VALUES | FC-LAB
UNC Spanish in the GalapagosEcuadorSPAN 344: Topics in Latin America | SPAN 373: Studies in Latin American LiteratureBN & GL | LAFC-AESTH
UNC Burch in London (Criminal Justice)EnglandPUBA 201H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: Criminal Justice and Law | PUBA 202H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: Health Policy and LawSS & NA| SS & NA
UNC Honors British Literature in London & OxfordEnglandENGL 249H: Romantic Literature and Contemporary IssuesLA & NA FC-AESTH
UNC Burch in London (Olympics)EnglandHNRS 390.02S: London and the Olympic GamesHS & GLFC-GLOBAL or FC-PAST
UNC Honors British Literature in London & OxfordEnglandENGL 227H: The Scientific Renaissance LA & NA & WBFC-AESTH or FC-PAST
UNC Burch in Germany, the Netherlands & the UK (Sustainability)GermanyENEC 320H: The Future of EnergySS & GL
UNC Arts Criticism in IrelandIrelandDRAM 294: Arts CriticismVP & CICOMMBEYOND
UNC Life Writing in IrelandIrelandENGL 283: Life WritingLA & CI FC-AESTH or FC-CREATE
UNC Creating the Video Essay in IsraelIsraelENGL 324: Creating the Video EssayVP & CIFC-CREATE
UNC Women and Leadership in JordanJordanARAB 350: Women and Leadership in the Arab World | ARAB 434: Modern Arabic Literature in TranslationSS & BN|LA & BN FC-GLOBAL or FC-VALUES | FC-AESTH or FC-KNOWING
UNC in Northern Ireland: Apology, Forgiveness, and ReconciliationNorthern IrelandPWAD/GLBL 300 - Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation – The Case of Northern Ireland CIFC-GLOBAL & COMMBEYOND
UNC Spanish in Peru: Pre-Columbian Cultures and Civilizations of Spanish AmericaPeruSPAN 344: Topics in Latin America | SPAN 301 Introduction to Literary and Cultural AnalysisBN & GL | LAFC-AESTH
UNC Burch in Scotland (Design in Healthcare Systems)ScotlandBMME 190H: Innovation and Design for Healthcare Technologies | HNRS 352: NHS Scotland - Policies, Problems, and Innovative SolutionsSS & NA
UNC MEJO Media and Culture in South KoreaSouth KoreaMEJO 437: Media in AsiaBN
UNC Art on the Camino de SantiagoSpainARTS 274: Landscapes of the Camino de Santiago | ARTS 373: Art, Rites and Rituals of PilgrimmageVP | VP & GLFC-CREATE or FC-PAST | FC-AESTH
UNC Exploring Economies in ScandinaviaSwedenECON 362: Exploring EconomiesSS & GL
UNC Phillips Summer in TaiwanTaiwanHIST 282: China in the WorldHS & BNFC-PAST