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2024 Summer UNC Faculty-led Programs

Applications for summer 2024 will be open from November 15 through January 31.

Program NameCoursesMaking Connections Gen Ed(s)Ideas in Action Gen Ed(s)
UNC Exploring Origins of Civilization in LondonANTH 235: Origins of Civilization: Archaeology of the British MuseumWB, BNFC-AESTH or FC-GLOBAL; COMMBEYOND
UNC First-Year Seminar: Chinese Environmental Literature in TaiwanASIA 089: Eco-literatures of China and Taiwan (FYS)FY-SEMINAR
UNC Summer in IndiaASIA 243: Journalism and Society in India, ASIA 490: Hindi Conversation and ScriptBN
UNC Biology in Grenoble BIOL 449: Introduction to Immunology
UNC Ecology in the Galapagos (Biol 461)BIOL 461: Fundamentals of Ecology
UNC Burch in London (Infectious Diseases)BIOL 480H: Discoveries in Prevention and Cure of Infectious Disease ENGL 266H: London in Literature: Disease and ScienceLAFC-AESTH or FC-KNOWING
UNC Conservation Biology in EcuadorBIOL 565: Conservation Biology
UNC Science in DublinBIOL/CHEM 430: Introduction to Biochemistry
UNC Science in SevillaCHEM 241: Analytical Chemistry, ENEC 403: Environmental Chemistry Processes
UNC Chemistry in Japan CHEM 251: Inorganic Chemistry
UNC Working Globally in New ZealandCOMM 325: Introduction to Organization CommunicationFC-KNOWING
UNC Computer Science in CopenhagenCOMP 311: Computer Organization
UNC Arts Criticism in IrelandDRAM 294: Arts Criticism, DRAM 393: Dramatic Arts InternshipCI, VPFC-AESTH
UNC Exploring Economies in ScandinaviaECON 362: Exploring EconomiesSS, GLFC-GLOBAL
UNC Shuford Summer Away in PragueECON 393: Practicum in Entrepreneurship
UNC Economics in CroatiaECON 415: Market Failures & ECON 4–: Transport Economics
UNC Economics of Wine on the Dalmatian CoastECON 490: Economics of Wine
UNC Coral Reef Ecology in the CaribbeanENEC 259: Coral Reef Ecology and Management
UNC Environmental Studies in EcuadorENEC 479: Landscape Analysis, ENEC 324/L: Water in Our WorldPXFC-NATSCI, FC-LAB
UNC Burch in Denmark & Germany (Sustainable Cities)ENEC 490H: Europe and Sustainability: Past, Present and Future
UNC Honors Brit Lit in London and OxfordENGL 249H: Romantic Literature and Contemporary Issues: British Romanticism and the Environmental ImaginationLA, NAFC-AESTH
UNC Life Writing in Ireland (2 sections)ENGL 283: Life WritingCI, LAFC-AESTH or FC-CREATE
UNC International Sport Management in LondonEXSS 223: International Sport Management
UNC Burch in Spain (Sport and Cultural Innovation)EXSS 290H: Smart and Connected Teams
UNC in Summer in MontpellierFREN 379 + FREN 203/204/390
UNC Climate Change in CopenhagenGEOG 414: Climate ChangeFC-NATSCI, RESEARCH
UNC Phillips Summer in TaiwanGLBL 290 Social Movements in Historical Perspective: Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong
UNC Burch in The Hague and the Balkans (Human Rights)GLBL 491H
UNC Italian Food, Culture & HealthHBEH 690: Italian Food, Culture & Health
UNC Burch in Scotland (Innovation in Healthcare)HNRS 362: NHS Scotland – Policies, Problems, and Innovative Solutions, BMME 398H: Biomedical Engineering Design and Manufacturing IISS, NAFC-KNOWING
UNC Burch in London & Ireland (Conquest & Colonization)HNRS 390: Conquest and Colonization in the English Atlantic WorldHSFC-POWER or FC-PAST
UNC Burch in London (Olympics)HNRS 390: The Olympic Games- A Global HistoryHS, GLFC-GLOBAL or FC-PAST
UNC Summer in Japan JAPN: 203, 204, 305, 306GLBL-LANG
UNC Yucatec Maya in MexicoLTAM 411, 512, 690
UNC Math in FirenzeMATH 381: Discrete MathematicsQI
UNC MEJO Media and Culture in South KoreaMEJO 437: Media in AsiaBN
UNC MEJO Olympics in Paris TENTATIVEMEJO 390: Special Skills in Mass Communication
UNC Neuropharmacology in AustraliaNSCI 221: NeuropsychopharmacologyPL
UNC Neuroscience in LondonNSCI 225: Sensation and PerceptionPL
UNC Nutrition in ItalyNUTR 470: Foundations of Nutrition Interventions
UNC Burch in England & Germany (Nationalism and Identity) POLI 275H: Major Issues in Political Theory: Nationalism, Immigration, and the Politics of IdentityPH, NAFC-VALUES
UNC Psychology in ScandinaviaPSYC 490: Society & the Developing Brain
UNC Burch in London (Criminal Justice)PUBA 201H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: Criminal Justice and Law PUBA 202H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: Health Policy and LawSS, NA
UNC Burch in Berlin (Intelligence)PWAD 359H: Comparative History of National Intelligence RegimesHS, GLFC-GLOBAL or FC-PAST
UNC in Northern Ireland: Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation PWAD/GLBL 300: Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation Ð The Case of Northern IrelandFC-GLOBAL
UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Medical Track in Costa Rica TENTATIVESPAN 321: Spanish for the Medical Professions
UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Business Track in SevillaSPAN 329 + SPAN 3–
UNC Spanish in the GalapagosSPAN 344 + SPAN 329 + SPAN 373BN, GL, LAFC-AESTH
UNC in Sevilla (Summer)SPAN 261, SPAN 301, SPAN 398, SPAN 361, SPAN 371, SPAN 340FC-AESTH
UNC Burch in Thailand (Public Health Innovation)SPHG 429H: Public Health, Entrepreneurship, and Food SystemsFC-GLOBAL or FC-VALUES