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Vote While Studying Abroad

As a U.S. citizen, you can vote in U.S. elections while studying abroad!

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Register to vote

  • Register at either your permanent home address or your university address
  • Use an online voter registration tool: We recommend

Step 2: Request an Overseas Absentee Ballot

  • Go to to request an overseas absentee ballot
  • If you’ll be traveling around and won’t have a stable address while abroad, use the address of the university at which you’re studying. If you aren’t sure how to fill out the address field, reach out! 
  • We strongly recommend that you check the box to receive your absentee ballot electronically (by email) to ensure it’s delivered on time

Step 3: Confirm Your Ballot Request Was Successful

  • Two weeks after your submission, follow up with your local election official to confirm they received your ballot request
  • If you registered with the UNC Chapel Hill university address, the contact information for the Durham County, NC election official is:
    • Phone Number: (919) 560-0690
    • Email:

Step 4: Receive Your Ballot Online; Print It Out and Mail It Back

  • 45 days before the November election, your local election official will start sending out ballots
  • Once you receive your emailed ballot, either fill it out and return it electronically if your state allows, or print and mail back a paper copy