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UNC Financial Aid and Scholarships

UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid – OSSA

In most cases, students’ existing UNC financial aid and scholarships may be applied to fall and spring UNC study abroad programs.

Generally, students participating in approved study abroad programs can apply their regular financial aid, with the exception of work-study, to their study abroad expenses. Contact the UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid for more information. OSSA does not manage additional grants or scholarships for study abroad. See Study Abroad Office Scholarships and Other Funding Sources.

Requesting an estimated aid package for your prospective study abroad program

OSSA can provide an estimated aid package for those applying to study abroad, before actual aid packages are announced. We encourage students to reach out before the commitment deadline, and even before the application deadline! Make sure your most recent FAFSA is on file with the University. Contact OSSA to receive a personalized estimate:

  1. Email
  2. Include your name, PID, and any existing scholarships or awards, such as Covenant
  3. Include your prospective study abroad program and term, with a link to the program’s budget sheet

The OSSA study abroad team will respond within a few days, on average. Final award packages are distributed late in the term prior to the study abroad term.

Funding Disbursements and Refunds

Final award packages are posted to UNC student accounts well ahead of the disbursement date, typically the first day of class in Chapel Hill for that term. All funding is first applied to charges, and anything leftover (credit balances) is generated as a refund to use for out-of-pocket estimates.

Note that some out-of-pocket costs will be incurred before this time, such as passport/visa fees or airfare. Students should set up direct deposit with the Cashier’s Office to receive their refund directly to their bank account, especially if they will already be abroad at the time of disbursement.

Outside Scholarships

If you receive a scholarship award from an outside source, you should check with the donor organization to verify that the scholarship can be used for study abroad. Outside scholarships for study abroad must be reported to OSSA, email

Non-UNC Students

Please note Non-UNC students are not eligible for financial aid from UNC. Non-UNC students should work with their home university’s study abroad and financial aid offices to research financial aid and scholarship options.

Additional Resources

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