Study Abroad Week 2020

Oct 19-23

Study Abroad Week

During Study Abroad Week, students can get a taste for the variety of global opportunities available through UNC-Chapel Hill!

  • Mid-day Info Sessions will include the following topics: research, internships, academic credit, and funding.
  • Evening Sessions will provide an overview of programs in a particular region or academic discipline.
  • On Friday, hear from students at our panel events!
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Full Schedule



Research | Science Faculty-Led Programs
     1 PM Research & Field Work
     5 PM Science Info
5:30PM Faculty-led STEM Programs

UNC Faculty-led Summer Programs – Chemistry*

  • UNC Science in Dublin (CHEM 430)
  • UNC Science in Grenoble (CHEM 261)
  • UNC Science in Scandinavia (CHEM 241)

UNC Faculty-led Summer Programs – Computer Science & Math*

  • UNC Computer Science in Copenhagen 
  • UNC Math in Florence 
  • UNC Burch Time, the Tides, and the Measurement of the Cosmos
6PM Faculty-led STEM Programs

UNC Faculty-led Summer Programs – Biology & E3P*

  • UNC Science in Sevilla – Biology track  
  • UNC Biology 449 in Grenoble 
  • UNC Environmental Sustainability in Australia  
  • UNC Environmental Studies in Galapagos  
  • UNC Burch in Scotland  


Internships | UK/Ireland Programs
     1 PM Global Internships for
     4:30 PM Study Abroad in the
                    UK/Ireland Overview* 
5PM UK and Ireland Programs

Semester Programs in the UK/Ireland*

UNC Faculty-led Summer Programs in the UK and Ireland  – Social Sciences*

  • UNC Literature and Diplomacy at King’s College London  
  • UNC Exploring Origins of Civilization in London  
  • UNC Burch in London (Criminal Justice and Mental Health) 
  • UNC Honors in London (Olympics)  
  • UNC International Sport Management in London
5:20PM UK and Ireland Programs

Semester Programs in the UK/Ireland*

UNC Faculty-led Summer Programs in the UK and Ireland – Humanities*

  • UNC Life Writing in Ireland  
  • UNC Arts Criticism in Ireland  
  • UNC Honors British Literature in London and Oxford 
  • UNC Burch in London (Museums)  
5:40PM UK and Ireland Programs

Summer Study and Internship Programs in the UK/Ireland*


Academic Credit | Asia | Middle East | Oceania | Africa Programs
     10:30 AM GoingGlobal:
     Preparing for International
     Opportunities with UCS*
     1 PM Earning Credit Abroad*
     5 PM Study Abroad in Asia
    5 PM Study Abroad in
              Oceania Overview*
     5 PM Study Abroad in
               the Middle East and
               Africa Overview*
5:30PM UNC Faculty-led Programs

UNC Phillips Summer in Shanghai*

UNC Shuford Away in Shanghai*

UNC Honors Cape Town*

6PM UNC Faculty-led Programs

UNC Women and Leadership in Jordan*

UNC Burch in Thailand*

UNC MEJO Tokyo Olympics*

6:30PM UNC Faculty-led Programs

UNC Summer in Japan* 

UNC Summer in India*


Funding | Europe/Latin America Programs
     11 AM Funding Study Abroad*
     4:30 PM Europe/Latin America
                    Programs Overview*
5PM Block 1

Semester Programs in Western Europe* 

  • France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

Semester Programs in East and Southern Europe*

  • Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia

Semester Programs in Spain and Portugal*

Summer Programs in West, East and Southern Europe*

5:20PM Block 2

Semester and Summer Programs in Latin America*

Semester and Summer Programs in Scandinavia*

  • Working Globally in Denmark
5:40PM Block 3 – UNC Faculty-led Programs in Spain & Latin America

UNC Art on the Camino de Santiago*

Spanish Study Abroad Programs*

  • UNC Spanish in the Galapagos  
  • UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Business Track in Sevilla  
  • UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Medical Track in Peru  
  • UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Medical Track in Costa Rica  
6PM Block 4 – UNC Faculty-led programs with Honors in Europe (open to all UNC students!)

Honors Programs in Europe*

  • UNC Honors Rome 
  • UNC Burch Vienna and the Balkans
  • UNC Burch Musical Perspectives in London and Florence
  • UNC Burch Brussels and London


STUDENT PANELS | DIVERSITY ABROAD | Professional School Programs
     2 PM Hussman School
     3 PM UNC Faculty-led
               Summer Programs
               – English*
10:15 AM Student Panel | Info Session

LGBTQ+ Abroad*

Study Abroad for Transfer Students*

11:30 AM Student Panels 

Race & Ethnicity Abroad*

1PM Student Panels 

First Generation and First Time Travelers*