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Diversities Abroad


Jessica Snouwaert

Meet Jessica Snouwaert

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism, Arabic
Program & Location: Documenting the Dig, Huqoq, Israel
Term: Summer 2019

Jatin Srivastava

Meet Jatin Srivastava

Major/Minor: Economics & Public Policy double major; PPE minor
Program & Location: Honors Seminar on Public Policy & Global Affairs in Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
Term: Spring 2022

Anna Thomson

Meet Anna Thomson

Major/Minor: French/Education
Program & Location: UNC in Montpellier, Montpellier, France
Term: Spring 2022

Gigi Cloney

Meet Gigi Cloney

Major/Minor: Public Policy/ German
Program & Location: IES European Union, Freiburg, Germany
Term: Spring 2020

Esther Eikins

Meet Esther Eikins

Major/Minor: Political Science and Global Studies, Minor in Health and Society
Program & Location: Kings College London, London, England
Term: Spring 2022

Sophie Hastings

Meet Sophie Hastings

Major/Minor: Global studies
Program & Location: CET Colombia, Cali, Colombia
Term: Spring 2020

Jess Dulin

Meet Jess Dulin

Major/Minor: Journalism
Program & Location: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Term: Spring 2019

Madeleine Bagshaw

Meet Madeleine Bagshaw

Major/Minor: Biology major, Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: UNC Science in Dublin- Organic Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland
Term: Summer 2022

Cassa Drury

Meet Cassa Drury

Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering / Neuroscience
Program & Location: Scotland: Innovation in the National Health Care System (Burch Field Research Seminar), Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Term: Summer 2019

Brianna Gilmore

Meet Brianna Gilmore

Major/Minor: Latin American Studies/Geography and Hispanic Studies Minors
Program & Location: The School For the Field Studies, Atenas, Costa Rica
Term: Spring 2019