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Diversities Abroad


India Brown

Meet India Brown

Major/Minor: Sociology, Hispanic Literature and Cultures
Program & Location: Salamanca Summer - Language and Culture Session II (IES Abroad), Salamanca, Spain
Term: Summer 2019

Lauren Thompson

Meet Lauren Thompson

Major/Minor: Exercise and Sport Science & Communication Studies
Program & Location: UNC Honors Burch in Spain: Cultural Heritage and Sport, Barcelona, Spain & Madrid, Spain
Term: Summer 2023

Savannah Coble

Meet Savannah Coble

Major/Minor: Global Studies major, Health and Society minor
Program & Location: University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Term: Spring 2019

Lang Duong

Meet Lang Duong

Major/Minor: Psychology (BS) and EXSS (General)
Program & Location: Boston University Summer Internship, Sydney, Australia
Term: Summer 2019

Tristen Best

Meet Tristen Best

Major/Minor: Economics & Public Policy. Data Science Minor
Program & Location: Exploring Economics in Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden
Term: Summer 2022

Britney Hong

Meet Britney Hong

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Sciences, American Studies
Program & Location: Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Fall 2022

Toni Ocloo

Meet Toni Ocloo

Major/Minor: Political Science Major; Spanish for the Legal Professions and Studio Art Minor
Program & Location: IES Barcelona Fall 2022 Political Science & International Relations Program, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2022

Ajani McIntosh

Meet Ajani McIntosh

Major/Minor: Sports Admin & History Major, Coaching Education Minor
Program & Location: UNC International Sport Managment, London, England
Term: Summer 2022

Adriana Torres

Meet Adriana Torres

Major/Minor: Health Policy and Management & Medical Anthropology
Program & Location: Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin International Summer and Winter University, Berlin, Germany
Term: Summer 2023

Anna Thomson

Meet Anna Thomson

Major/Minor: French/Education
Program & Location: UNC in Montpellier, Montpellier, France
Term: Spring 2022