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Diversities Abroad


Eduardo de la Parra

Meet Eduardo de la Parra

Major/Minor: Major: BS Biology, Minor: German, Chemistry
Program & Location: Burch Field Research Seminar in London: Science, Literaturen and Infectious Disease, London, United Kingdom
Term: Summer 2022

Jaeny Yoo

Meet Jaeny Yoo

Major/Minor: Biology/Communications Major and Studio Art Minor
Program & Location: Yonsei International Summer School, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2019

Jonathan Bailey

Meet Jonathan Bailey

Major/Minor: Economics and Political Science
Program & Location: London School of Economics, Summer School, London, UK
Term: Summer 2023

Ler Hser

Meet Ler Hser

Major/Minor: Health Policy and Management, German (minor)
Program & Location: Yonsei International Summer School, Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2022

Sophia Werner

Meet Sophia Werner

Major/Minor: Asian Studies Chinese
Program & Location: CET Academic Programs, Taipei, Taiwan
Term: Summer 2023

Toni Ocloo

Meet Toni Ocloo

Major/Minor: Political Science Major; Spanish for the Legal Professions and Studio Art Minor
Program & Location: IES Barcelona Fall 2022 Political Science & International Relations Program, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2022

Neil Sharma

Meet Neil Sharma

Major/Minor: Majors: Public Policy and Political Science. Minor: Japanese
Program & Location: Summer in Tokyo, Tokyo
Term: Summer 2023

Esther Eikins

Meet Esther Eikins

Major/Minor: Political Science and Global Studies, Minor in Health and Society
Program & Location: Kings College London, London, England
Term: Spring 2022

Robbie Luna

Meet Robbie Luna

Major/Minor: Major: Sociology / Minor: Japanese
Program & Location: UNC Summer in Japan, Chiba, Japan
Term: Summer 2019

Sophie Hastings

Meet Sophie Hastings

Major/Minor: Global studies
Program & Location: CET Colombia, Cali, Colombia
Term: Spring 2020