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Areas of Study


Andrew Yang

Meet Andrew Yang

Major/Minor: Computer Science
Program & Location: Yonsei University (International Summer School), Seoul, South Korea
Term: Summer 2021

Sam McLawhorn

Meet Sam McLawhorn

Major/Minor: Sociology
Program & Location: International Christian University, Mitaka City, Japan
Term: Fall 2018, Spring 2019

Eliza Hart

Meet Eliza Hart

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism; History
Program & Location: Instituto Lorenzo D’Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 1 2022

Yuna Yoshida

Meet Yuna Yoshida

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Japanese major
Program & Location: Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
Term: Spring 2019

Turkan Karatas

Meet Turkan Karatas

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science majors & Chemistry minor
Program & Location: Honors Burch Field Research Seminar in Vienna and the Balkans, Balkans and Vienna
Term: Summer 2019

Madeline Hayes

Meet Madeline Hayes

Major/Minor: HDFS
Program & Location: Spanish and Service in the Galapagos through USFQ, San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador
Term: Summer 2019

Michael Lin

Meet Michael Lin

Major/Minor: Chemistry
Program & Location: American University of Rome, Rome, Italy
Term: Summer 2019

Alisha Kleinhammes

Meet Alisha Kleinhammes

Major/Minor: Global studies major, Environmental studies and Health and Society double minors
Program & Location: IES Abroad, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2021

Jack Perrin

Meet Jack Perrin

Major/Minor: Economics and Political Science
Program & Location: London School of Economics, London
Term: Summer 2019

Vivian Bunker

Meet Vivian Bunker

Major/Minor: Exercise and Sport Science
Program & Location: The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Term: Spring 2023