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Areas of Study


Meredith Ammon

Meet Meredith Ammon

Major/Minor: Journalism
Program & Location: City University of London, London, England
Term: Spring 2020

Perry Tseng

Meet Perry Tseng

Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering
Program & Location: CET Taiwan at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Term: Summer 2023

Gia Bondi

Meet Gia Bondi

Major/Minor: Eocnomics and Pre-Business with Spanish minor
Program & Location: IES Abroad Barcelona Language and Area Studies Program, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2023

Kwabena Asare

Meet Kwabena Asare

Major/Minor: Nursing
Program & Location: Jonkoping University, Jonkoping, Sweden
Term: Summer 2019

Piper Brendle

Meet Piper Brendle

Major/Minor: Business Administration and possibly minoring in Spanish
Program & Location: API, Granada, Spain
Term: Fall 2021

Haile Clayton

Meet Haile Clayton

Major/Minor: Journalism and Sport Administration
Program & Location: UNC Burch in Spain (Cultural Heritage and Sport), Madrid and Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2023

Nina Wozniak

Meet Nina Wozniak

Major/Minor: Biology major, Chem minor, Medical Anthropology minor
Program & Location: Summer 2022 Science in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Term: Summer 2022

Trinity Smith

Meet Trinity Smith

Major/Minor: Business Administration and French Minor
Program & Location: IES Abroad Paris Summer Internship Program, Paris, France
Term: Summer 2023

Cameron Baird

Meet Cameron Baird

Major/Minor: Major: Public Policy and Economics ; Minor: Spanish for the Business Professions
Program & Location: UNC Spanish for the Business Professions in Seville, Seville, Spain
Term: Summer 2019

Allene Xing

Meet Allene Xing

Major/Minor: Biostatistics Major, French Minor
Program & Location: UNC Biology 449 in Grenoble, Grenoble, France
Term: Summer 2019