Areas of Study


Sarah Slay

Meet Sarah Slay

Major/Minor: Biology B.S., ENSS and CHEM minors
Program & Location: University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Term: Spring 2020


Brianna Gilmore

Meet Brianna Gilmore

Major/Minor: Latin American Studies/Geography and Hispanic Studies Minors
Program & Location: The School For the Field Studies, Atenas, Costa Rica
Term: Spring 2019


Naudia Brown

Meet Naudia Brown

Major/Minor: Psychology/Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: College Year in Athens, Athens, Greece
Term: Summer 2021


Elizabeth Ranatza

Meet Elizabeth Ranatza

Major/Minor: Journalism and History Majors - Chemistry Minor
Program & Location: UNC in Firenze (LdM Instituto), Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 2019


Verena Maher

Meet Verena Maher

Major/Minor: PR and Advertising Major, Entreneurship and Art History Minor
Program & Location: Donghua University Shanghai AND IES Liberal Arts and Business Program, Shangahi, China and Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2019, Spring 2020


Gray Hurley

Meet Gray Hurley

Major/Minor: Journalism/Music
Program & Location: UNC Study Abroad, Huqoq, Israel
Term: Summer 2019


Will Reid

Meet Will Reid

Major/Minor: Economics Major/Entrepreneurship, Art History Minor
Program & Location: University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
Term: Full Year 2018/19


April Bhudasuwan

Meet April Bhudasuwan

Major/Minor: Psychology BA & Asian Studies BA (Interdisciplinary Concentration)
Program & Location: Korea University (Exchange), Seoul, Korea
Term: Spring 2021


George Karafas

Meet George Karafas

Major/Minor: Chemistry/Korean
Program & Location: College Year in Athens (CYA), Athens, Greece
Term: Summer 2019


Marguerite Leek

Meet Marguerite Leek

Major/Minor: Communications and Global Studies
Program & Location: SIT: South Africa (Social and Political Transformation) -, Durban, South Africa
Term: Spring 2019