Areas of Study


Corinna Collins

Meet Corinna Collins

Major/Minor: EXSS - Sport Administration
Program & Location: International Sport Management at UNC Winston House, London, England
Term: Summer session 1 / May-mester 2022


Maureen Sullivan

Meet Maureen Sullivan

Major/Minor: Major-Environmental Health Science (Public Health) Minors-Chemistry and Hispanic Studies
Program & Location: IES Barcelona-Language and Area Studies, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2021


Alyse Wilson

Meet Alyse Wilson

Major/Minor: Pre-Business Major, History Minor
Program & Location: Carolina Global Launch, Maynooth University, Dublin, Ireland (Maynooth)
Term: Fall 2021


Avery Boudreau

Meet Avery Boudreau

Major/Minor: Statistics and Economics
Program & Location: American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Term: Spring 2021


Audrey Selley

Meet Audrey Selley

Major/Minor: Economics B.S. and Journalism minor
Program & Location: Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
Term: Spring 2022


Jack Perrin

Meet Jack Perrin

Major/Minor: Economics and Political Science
Program & Location: London School of Economics, London
Term: Summer 2019


Savannah Coble

Meet Savannah Coble

Major/Minor: Global Studies major, Health and Society minor
Program & Location: University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Term: Spring 2019


Ashton Vermillion

Meet Ashton Vermillion

Major/Minor: Major: Media Journalism, Minor: Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: Shuford Away Program in Shanhai, China, Shanghai, China
Term: Summer 2019


Genevieve Wilgen

Meet Genevieve Wilgen

Major/Minor: Psychology
Program & Location: Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Term: Spring 2019


Madeleine McCluer

Meet Madeleine McCluer

Major/Minor: Biology BS
Program & Location: University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia
Term: 2020 Year