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Study Abroad Stories


Jordan Goode

Meet Jordan Goode

Major/Minor: Human Development and Family Studies
Program & Location: IES Abroad, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Fall 2021

Maddie Gorelick

Meet Maddie Gorelick

Major/Minor: Physchology B.S. Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: Danish Institute of Study Abroad (DIS): Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Spring 2019

Lucy Gorman

Meet Lucy Gorman

Major/Minor: Peace, War, and Defense ; Psychology
Program & Location: Burch Criminal Justice 2022, London, United Kingdom
Term: Summer 2022

Casei Gossett

Meet Casei Gossett

Major/Minor: nutrition
Program & Location: API, Global Launch, University of Stirling, stirling, scotland
Term: fall 2021

Luke Granger

Meet Luke Granger

Major/Minor: Mathematics and Statistics
Program & Location: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Term: Fall 2019

Shannon Grant

Meet Shannon Grant

Major/Minor: Biology major, Neuroscience minor
Program & Location: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Term: Fall 2018

Alexandra Gray

Meet Alexandra Gray

Major/Minor: Psychology BS & Anthropology
Program & Location: UNC Psychology in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2019

Marlee Greene

Meet Marlee Greene

Major/Minor: Major: Advertising and Public Relations Minor: Exercise and Sports Science; Health and Society
Program & Location: UNC in Firenze, Florence, Italy
Term: Spring 2020

Harshita Gudipudi

Meet Harshita Gudipudi

Major/Minor: Neuroscience & Exercise and Sports Science/Medical Anthropology
Program & Location: DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2023

Caroline Guice

Meet Caroline Guice

Major/Minor: Economics B.A., Statistics and Analytics, Business Administration
Program & Location: London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom
Term: Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Lauren Hall

Meet Lauren Hall

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies major, Business Administration minor
Program & Location: DIS Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Spring 2022

Morgan Hanchard

Meet Morgan Hanchard

Major/Minor: History and Peace, War, & Defense
Program & Location: UNC Phillips Summer in Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Term: Summer 2019

Eliza Hart

Meet Eliza Hart

Major/Minor: Media and Journalism; History
Program & Location: Instituto Lorenzo D’Medici, Florence, Italy
Term: Summer 1 2022

Hannah Hartsgrove

Meet Hannah Hartsgrove

Major/Minor: Majors: History and Public Policy
Program & Location: DIS Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark
Term: Summer 2021

Sophie Hastings

Meet Sophie Hastings

Major/Minor: Global studies
Program & Location: CET Colombia, Cali, Colombia
Term: Spring 2020