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Study Abroad Stories


Bailey Kaiser

Meet Bailey Kaiser

Major/Minor: Economics/Entrepreneurship
Program & Location: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK
Term: Spring 2019

George Karafas

Meet George Karafas

Major/Minor: Chemistry/Korean
Program & Location: College Year in Athens (CYA), Athens, Greece
Term: Summer 2019

Turkan Karatas

Meet Turkan Karatas

Major/Minor: Global Studies and Political Science majors & Chemistry minor
Program & Location: Honors Burch Field Research Seminar in Vienna and the Balkans, Balkans and Vienna
Term: Summer 2019

Kate Kearse

Meet Kate Kearse

Major/Minor: Economics and Global Studies with a Statistics and Analytics minor
Program & Location: UNC in Firenze, Florence, Italy
Term: Spring 2020

Ike Keku

Meet Ike Keku

Major/Minor: Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering
Program & Location: Scotland: Innovation and the NHS, Edinburgh, Scotland
Term: Summer 2022

Emmie Kendrick

Meet Emmie Kendrick

Major/Minor: EXSS (pre-nursing) & minor in spanish for the medical professions
Program & Location: UNC in Sevila, Sevilla, Spain
Term: spring 2020

Margaret Kern

Meet Margaret Kern

Major/Minor: Majors: Public Policy and Environmental Studies; Minor: History
Program & Location: Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Term: Spring 2023

Hannah Kim

Meet Hannah Kim

Major/Minor: Psychology and Media and Journalism
Program & Location: University of Navarra (Media and Journalism), Pamplona, Spain
Term: Spring 2020

Yeajin Kim

Meet Yeajin Kim

Major/Minor: Biology B.S. major; French & Chemistry minors
Program & Location: UNC Biology in Grenoble- Université de Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
Term: Summer 2022

Alisha Kleinhammes

Meet Alisha Kleinhammes

Major/Minor: Global studies major, Environmental studies and Health and Society double minors
Program & Location: IES Abroad, Barcelona, Spain
Term: Summer 2021

Isabel Kleinpeter

Meet Isabel Kleinpeter

Major/Minor: Neuroscience Major; Minor in Chemistry and Medicine, Literature, and Culture
Program & Location: Neuropharmacology in Australia, Sydney, Australia
Term: Summer 2023

Willem Kloempken

Meet Willem Kloempken

Major/Minor: History + Peace, War and Defense/Geographic Information Systems
Program & Location: Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark + Stockholm, Sweden
Term: Summer 2022

Willem Kloempken

Meet Willem Kloempken

Major/Minor: History + Peace, War & Defense/GIS
Program & Location: DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden
Term: Summer 2022

Brenna Kuder

Meet Brenna Kuder

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies and Global Studies double major, Hispanic Studies minor
Program & Location: Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador
Term: Spring 2020

Allison Lai

Meet Allison Lai

Major/Minor: Business Administration and Japanese majors
Program & Location: Keio International Program, Tokyo, Japan
Term: Spring 2019