Major/Minor/Foreign Language Credit

Study abroad can enhance your studies in any field! Courses can count toward your major, minor, and/or foreign language requirements at UNC. The academic departments at UNC are responsible for reviewing transfer credit requests for majors, minors, and language students.

How to determine if a course will earn major/minor/language credit:

  1. Look up your department’s study abroad guidelines, if available, in the Departmental Reviewer directory or the department website.
  2. Explore course offerings on your prospective study abroad program(s).
  3. Locate course descriptions and syllabi.
  4. Refer to the departmental guidelines to determine if the course(s) are eligible and would earn credit.
  5. No specific departmental guidelines available? Consult with the Departmental Reviewer.
    1. Note: These faculty members are very busy! Be prepared and patient.
    2. Visit office hours or send a polite and professional email.
    3. Provide basic program information (link to the program brochure), course descriptions, syllabi, and course webpages, if available.
  6. Finally, if you have already applied to a program, you may submit a Credit Request Form—found on your study abroad application page.

Foreign Language Credit

Students can earn foreign language credit toward:

  • The General Education Foundation in Foreign Language (FL)
  • A major or minor in a foreign language
  • Foreign language requirements for a major (e.g. Global Studies)

Regardless of the type of credit requested, the specific language departments at UNC are responsible for reviewing foreign language credit requests. Use the same instructions above to determine if a course will earn language credit at UNC.

University-wide Degree Requirements

(refer to the UNC Catalog for more information)

  • All students, including students transferring from another institution, must take at least half of their major course requirements (courses and credit hours) at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • At least nine hours of the minor must be completed at UNC-Chapel Hill and not at other academic institutions. Certain academic units may require that more than nine hours must be completed at the University.
  • At least 24 of the last 30 academic credit hours applied to the degree requirements must be earned in UNC–Chapel Hill courses. – UNC Study Abroad Programs are excepted from this rule!

Credit within Professional Schools

Students in the professional schools (KFBS, Media and Journalism, Public Health, etc.) may study abroad on UNC Study Abroad Office programs and potentially earn credit for those majors/minors. These students are strongly encouraged to meet with their professional school advisor and Study Abroad Advisor to discuss program options and the credit transfer process. Note that some professional schools run global programs outside the auspices of the UNC Study Abroad Office.

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