Christian Delgado

About My Study Abroad Program

Major/Minor: Political Science
Program: UNC Honors in London - Internship
Location: London, England
Term: Fall 2019


In what ways do you feel that you learned and grew during your global experience? Could you share a particular memory from your time abroad where you learned something important about yourself or your host culture?

I feel like I learned how to trust myself and be more independent. Before my time in London, I was never the one to instigate plans with friends or go out of my way to try something new. In London, I was the exact opposite. I planned entire trips with friends, solo traveled through Paris, and had a challenging but fun internship in the House of Commons that showed me I could do anything I wanted.


What are your life plans after UNC Graduation?
Law School


How do you think studying abroad prepared for you for your next steps post graduation?

Definitely the independence I developed will be a huge asset. More tangibly, my time in Parliament really prepared me for the policy/legal briefing that I am sure I’ll have to do in Law School.


As you reflect back on your undergraduate experience, what words of wisdom do you want to share with your fellow Tar Heels?
It goes by so fast. Don’t take a single second for granted.


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