General Education Credits

Earning UNC General Education Requirements

Many students fulfill their General Education Requirements while abroad. To explore your options, research course offerings on any study abroad program. Look up a course description and/or syllabus, then determine if the course meets the criteria outlined below. Tip: Is there a class at UNC, which fulfills a Gen Ed requirement, similar to your study abroad class?

Note: Experiential Education (EE) credit is automatic for students on UNC Study Abroad programs!

Find descriptions of each Foundation, Approach, and Connection, as well as lists of courses at UNC which fulfill each Gen Ed in the UNC Catalog. A course can be approved for up to 2 General Education Requirements. This can include

1 Approach + 1 Connection or 2 Connections

Criteria to Fulfill a Gen Ed Requirement:

  1. Course Content
    • 2/3rds of the course must cover the specific Gen Ed content
    • g for World Before 1750, 2/3rds of the course must focus on history before 1750
  2. Writing Requirement
    • The course must have 2,000 words of writing* or an equivalent amount of work
    • This can include the final assessment, however the writing must be completed outside of class
    • An equivalent amount of work may include presentations, portfolios, or a well-documented project outside of class
    • Please note: class notes do not satisfy this requirement. Work should be academic, graded coursework.
  3. Final Exam
    • Courses must include a final exam or assessment
    • Further definition: final test, paper, presentation or project which signifies a cumulative assessment of gained knowledge from a course
  4. At least 2 UNC credit hours

*Prior to July 2018, students were required to complete at least 3000 words of writing. Students who had course requests reviewed and denied on the basis of not meeting the 3,000 word writing requirement can contact the Credit Transfer Specialist directly to have their courses re-reviewed for Gen Ed Credit.

Credit Request Form

To receive General Education credit, you must submit the Credit Request Form with the course syllabus and any supporting documentation. Select the Study Abroad Office as the departmental reviewer.