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There are many factors that will impact your study abroad program selection. Join a virtual Study Abroad 101 session for a complete overview of the study abroad process and program offerings.

Watch Study Abroad 101 Video SeriesAttend a Virtual Study Abroad 101 Session

Ready to start your research? Review “Things to Consider” below and then use the Program Search to find program offerings.

Location: Do you prefer a specific region/country/city?

Program type: Is a certain type of program better suited for your goals? As an in-state student, is an exchange program the best option financially for you? Do you want to be in class with Americans or local students?

Program costs: How much do you have budgeted for study abroad? Can your family afford a program which costs more than a typical term at UNC?

Length or term: How much time do you want to spend abroad? Do you want to use UNC financial aid and scholarships, only available during fall and spring?

Language: Is there a certain foreign language you want to study while abroad? At what level? What language of instruction do you prefer?

Academics: Are you looking for certain academic aspects of a program? What kind of courses do you want to take abroad? What kind of credit are you looking for? Do you want the opportunity to conduct research, do an internship, or have a service-learning opportunity?

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Planning ahead for Summer or Fall 2021? Applications are open November 15 – February 10.

After you have identified a few programs that align with your goals, set up a virtual advising appointment.
Meet Virtually with an Advisor

Searching for a summer program?

Check out low cost programs and UNC Summer programs offering Gen Ed credit to get ideas for future programs. Keep in mind that program offerings may vary from year-to-year.  To search for all summer program options, click the “Begin Program Search” box above.

Note: Summer 2021 programs will be added and updated in the coming weeks.
Low Cost Summer ProgramsGen Ed Summer Programs

Looking for Scholarships?

Don’t forget to apply for scholarships! To be considered for UNC scholarships for Summer and Fall 2021, you will need to answer applicable scholarship questions in the regular program application.

Explore outside scholarship opportunities early as well.

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