Extended Deadlines for Summer & Fall 2020 Programs

Extended Deadlines

Missed the deadline to study abroad? It’s not too late to find the program that’s right for you! Check out the featured summer and fall programs with extended deadlines below. Some additional programs may also be available. Stop by General Advising Drop-In Hours to learn more!

Featured Summer Programs with Extended Deadlines

Program NameDeadline to ApplyWhy apply?
UNC Phillips Summer in ShanghaiUNC Phillips Summer in Shanghai2/21Spend your summer in Shanghai, a dynamic metropolis! Please note that late applicants will not be considered for the Phillips scholarship.
UNC Archaeological Excavation in IsraelUNC Archaeological Excavation in Israel2/24Participate in an archaeological excavation while learning about ancient and modern Israel.
UNC Dutch Studies in the NetherlandsUNC Dutch Studies in the Netherlands2/24This program is great for students who have never traveled abroad; great way to go to Europe with a UNC faculty!
UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions_ Medical Track in Costa RicaUNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Medical Track in Costa Rica2/24The program will familiarize students with the necessary information and skills to effectively communicate in Spanish in a culturally-appropriate manner in professional workplace contexts and in ways that benefit the community.
UNC Spanish Minor for the Professions_ Medical Track in PeruUNC Spanish Minor for the Professions: Medical Track in Peru2/24This course focuses on the development of language skills and knowledge relevant to a future career in healthcare.
UNC in MalawiUNC Summer in Malawi2/24Study the dynamics of human rights and development in Malawi.
UNC Summer in ParisUNC Summer in Paris2/24It’s hard to beat Paris in the summer time; Highlights include a music festival and the finish of the Tour de France!
UNC Spanish for Business in SevillaUNC Spanish for Business in Sevilla2/24This program will allow you to take courses towards the Minor in the Business track, visit local companies, and meet local business people while getting to know the beautiful city of Sevilla in southern Spain.
UNC Arts Criticism in IrelandUNC Arts Criticism in Ireland2/26This program is a great fit for anyone interested in the arts and who needs the CI and VP gen ed credits.
UNC Global Change Ecology in CopenhagenUNC Global Change Ecology in Copenhagen2/26This program is a great fit for Biology majors, Environmental Science majors, and anyone interested in the consequences of rapid ecological and environmental changes to our planet.
UNC Summer in KoreaUNC Summer in Korea2/28Spend the summer abroad and learn a full year of Korean language.
Burch in LondonUNC Burch in London (Museums)2/29Learn how to "read" objects and critically consider what works of art communicate on their own, and how decisions regarding their collection and display shape how we understand them.
Honors ShakespeareUNC Honors Shakespeare in London & Oxford2/29Professor Christopher Armitage of the UNC Department of English Faculty since 1957, an Oxford graduate and an Honorary St Edmund Fellow, is the on-site faculty director throughout the program and teaches a course on Shakespeare and Other Playwrights in Performance.

Featured Fall 2020 Programs with Extended Deadlines