Events, Marketing, Staff Roles

Events, Marketing, Staff Roles

Study Abroad staff should consult this webpage when planning an event or requesting marketing assistance.



Event Types & Roles

Depending on the type of event, roles and responsibilities will vary. See each category for a complete breakdown. 


These events are all intended to inform potential applicants and stakeholders about study abroad opportunities. The target audience for these events are students who may apply to study abroad in the future. 


These events may be initiated by Study Abroad staff to promote a particular program or region.


This category includes presentation requests from a particular class, club, or department.


These events are for students who have been accepted to study abroad. They include our Pre-Departure Conference, FLP pre-departure meetings, and study abroad alumni events.


This category includes informational events for faculty such as our call for proposals and credit transfer trainings. It also includes all faculty program director training and social events.

Timeline for Event & Marketing Requests

Add to events Calendar

1-2 business days

Website – Text Edit

1-2 business days

Room Reservation

1-2 business days

Food for event

3 business days before event with approved budget

Promote on Social Media

Submit requests by the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Requests reviewed biweekly and scheduled two weeks at a time. Will work in other requests as schedule permits.

For example:

  • A request submitted on Monday, Jan. 4 will be reviewed that week and will be scheduled for Jan. 11 – 22 (or later).
  • A request submitted on Friday, Jan. 8 will be reviewed the third week of January and will be scheduled for Jan 25 – Feb 5 (or later).
Website – New Content

Submit request at least 1 month before new content must be published.

Recent examples:

  • New Cost & Funding section of website
  • New Academics Abroad section of website
  • Pre-Departure Orientation webpage
Newsletter Content

Submit requests by the 3rd Monday of the month for inclusion in the following month’s general student newsletter.

Newsletters to our general listserv go out monthly and promote study abroad generally. Large scale events may be promoted (ie STEM, Research, Internships), but program or region specific info sessions will be promoted generally (ie – check out our events calendar for all of the upcoming info sessions).

Newsletters to partners should be scheduled a semester in advance (nominations etc.).


3 business days for a request of a specific type of photo (from Development, Admissions, etc)

1-3 business days for a TDS banner photo update

All other photos should be sought out using the photo albums below

Event & Marketing Request Form

Marketing & Branding Toolkit

Presentation Templates

Choose from UNC branded templates to create presentations. Slides may also be used to create info session flyers.

Brand Colors

University brand colors

Brand Fonts

University brand fonts


Microsoft Group Forms are a great tool to collaborate on RSVP lists

SAPA Current Members

Consult this list of SAPA members if you need student volunteers for an event.

Google Photo Album Links