Health Policy and Management

Departmental Reviewer: Melanie Studer,


The two-year Health Policy and Management major is completed during the junior and senior years at UNC, and also requires a full-time summer work internship between the junior and senior year. Thus, students may not complete a “Study Abroad” experience during these years, or during the summer. (We welcome students to do their summer work internship abroad, if they wish, but it cannot be predominantly study; it must include significant work experiences. Because of that, “Study Abroad” as traditionally defined is not normally appropriate for this summer internship.)

Students apply to the Health Policy and Management major in January of their sophomore year. Students may study abroad during the semester they apply for the HPM program. If so, we highly encourage them to contact the HPM program to schedule an in-person interview with us before they leave the United States.

It may be possible to try to use a study abroad course to substitute a pre-requisite course for the HPM minor. If the University does not approve this course, which is quite possible, the student could wind up missing a pre-requisite for our program, and might not be admitted as a result. In general, to avoid this problem, we encourage you to take any needed pre-requisites at UNC, and if you do wish to apply for a substitute, do so months in advance so you can make other arrangements if the substitute is not approved.

On rare occasions, students have been approved to substitute a course that they took abroad for one of the required courses taken once enrolled in the HPM major. Students are welcome to try this, but since the Gillings HPM courses are highly specific and demanding, very few of these are approved.