Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Departmental Reviewer: Hana Pichova,


  • For each UNC course transferred the student must show at least 10 pages of writing.
  • English-language courses or foreign language content courses below B2 may be counted as 200-level courses toward the major (in consultation with the DUS).
  • If students want credit toward the major for a foreign language course, then it must be at the B2 level or above.
  • Students are encouraged to take courses at their study abroad institution more broadly and not within a special “foreign language school” section at the institution. Ideally, the optimal study abroad experience will not be limited to courses designed for foreigners.
  • For the language courses of the FUBIS program to count the student must be in the Intermediate 2 course or the advanced course. Intermediate 1 is B1 level and can therefore not count toward the major.
  • Please visit the GSLL website in the link below for more study abroad information.